We are the official Western Australian supporter group for The Carlton Football Club.

The group was established by Carlton in 1992 and we regularly get together in Perth to watch live games of the mighty Blues.

We as a committee also help Carlton with pre and post-match functions when Carlton travels to Perth.


The CFC WA Member Network Committee is made up of 8 dedicated local Blues members.

You will find most of us down at The Camfield whenever we hold a local function and doing whatever is requested by Carlton at all the pre-match or post-match functions when the Blue Men’s and Women’s team travel to Perth.

Adam Briggs - Chairman

Michael McKenzie - Treasurer

Paris Fabriziani - Communications Coordinator

Liam Casey - Events Coordinator

Melissa Briggs - Committee

Chris Browney - Committee

Carmen Norrrish – Committee


Website: https://www.wablues.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/WABlues

Twitter: @WABlues


There is no membership fee.

The WA Blues exist as a not-for-profit organisation to provide a social and family-friendly support group and home for WA based supporters to enjoy live televised games together.