THE CARLTON Football Club can confirm that it has today agreed to mutually part ways with CEO Cain Liddle.

The decision was made following Liddle’s request for certainty relating to his future at the Club.

The Board convened last night to discuss Liddle’s request and position, identifying that the disparity between off-field and on-field performance has grown significantly, without enough done to bridge that gap over a long-term period.

Carlton President Luke Sayers praised Liddle’s contribution to the Club.

“Under Cain’s leadership the Club has cleared historical debt, significantly grown membership and commercial revenues, as well as introduced new non-traditional revenues, which now leaves the Club in the strongest financial position we have been in for many years," Sayers said

“Our players, coaches, staff, members and supporters can be incredibly grateful for the role Cain has played in placing the Carlton Football Club in the off-field position of strength we now find ourselves in."

Sayers also outlined what the Club’s focus would be in the appointment of a new CEO.

“As I mentioned last week, we are entering a reset phase for our football club, and while we have built a strong platform in a business sense, the ability to ensure our on-field position matches our off-field one is an area that must be addressed.

“That will be the focus for our football club as we look to appoint a new CEO – someone who can drive a sustainable level of high performance across every department of the football club.

“Whilst the performance of the entire club has been under review, the Board has now completed all personnel changes.”

Liddle said he was thankful and appreciative for the role he has been able to play in improving the off-field position of the Club over the last four years.

“I’m extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity almost four years ago to lead this club,” Liddle said.

“The review process highlighted our on-field performance was not at the standard we expect as a club and I accept full responsibility for that.   

“Right now, the Club needs stability more than anything else. Given the uncertainty around my position, I needed to seek clarity on my role to provide everyone with that stability for us to move forward.

“It has taken a lot of hard work from a lot of very good people to get to this point and I have no doubt that we will begin to see the benefits of that hard work in the years to come. 

“Obviously none of what we have achieved in the last four years would have been possible without our members and partners, whose commitment to consistently commit to the Club in the way they have, particularly over the past two years, irrespective of wins and losses, shows the power of the Carlton faithful.

“AFL CEOs jobs are incredibly taxing, even more so over the past two years, not just on yourself but your families as well and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my wife Hayley, who has carried the entire load of our family, home schooling our three kids through the ongoing challenges of COVID, which all Victorians have had to deal with. It’s now my turn to take on that support role and play my part.

“I move into the next phase of my career excited for what lies ahead but equally proud that hopefully this football club is now in a significantly better place. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the Carlton Football Club, including players, staff, members, supporters and commercial partners and wish the Club all the best as it enters this new phase.”

The coaching recruitment process remains ongoing, no further personnel will be added to the subcommittee.

The Club’s Chief Financial Officer, Tom Crookes will be interim CEO.