“ALL THE players are ready for a guy like ‘Vossy’: I really think they’ll grow to love him.”

For Carlton Director of Football Greg Williams, Michael Voss represents everything needed for the playing group to take the next step. 

In Voss, the Blues aren’t just welcoming someone who has done it all as a player, but someone who has a “killer instinct and drive” to be the best.

Much has been made of Voss’ first stint at the Brisbane Lions, but it was his work at Port Adelaide and his commitment to his craft which has Williams optimistic of what Carlton’s new AFL Senior Coach can achieve and instil at IKON Park.

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Williams: Voss to drive high standards

Director of Football Diesel Williams spoke to Carlton Media following the appointment of AFL Senior Coach Michael Voss.

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“He’s a really driven guy and he has never given up,” Williams told Carlton Media.

“He coached Brisbane for five years and has been in Adelaide for seven years, refining things and improving himself to get to a stage where he’s back coaching a great club like Carlton.

“He’s got that killer instinct and drive to be the best. He’ll drive standards here.”

Saying that his enviable playing career was “just one part of it”, Williams expects Voss’ impact on Carlton’s playing group to be profound.

With widespread change sweeping the halls at IKON Park, Voss would be backed to implement his footballing philosophy with a playing group the new AFL Senior Coach described as having top-level talent.

“He’s all about toughness,” Williams said.

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What to expect: Voss opens up on Carlton role

What's in store with Michael Voss in the chair? Carlton's new AFL Senior Coach tells all in an expansive interview with the new boss.

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“You can see in the finals that if you don’t compete, you’re not going to make the top of the ladder. He’s going to implement certain standards and a game plan to get us to be able to perform at that level.

“They’ll all learn together, play together and start winning a few games together. We’re ready for him and what he can do for us.”

After arriving at IKON Park yesterday morning, Voss had already initiated the conversation with the Club’s other leaders to flesh out the remainder of the Club’s coaching panel.

“We’re going to get some great coaches underneath him to be able to support him, and implement what he wants to implement.”