16. Craig Bradley's brilliant goal against West Coast in Round 22 at Princes Park

Why Craig Bradley didn’t earn Goal of the Year in 1994 remains as much of a mystery as Andrew Walker’s inability to get the gong for THAT mark over Jake Carlisle at “The G” in 2011.

“Old timers” on hand to witness “Braddles” moment of greatness (one of many it should be said) will tell you this was the greatest goal ever kicked by a Carlton player on the hallowed home turf.

It happened in the 22nd round of 1994, in a frenetic moment of the team’s hotly-contested game with West Coast. Bradley had somehow managed to thwart Peter Matera’s marking attempt on the city side wing, then followed up with a one-handed gather to edge around Guy McKenna. A subsequent give and get to Andrew McKay saw the rampant Bradley break clear with another bounce, and from just inside 50 slot a banana goal despite the best efforts of the lunging Glen Jakovich.

For any self-respecting  Carlton type, this was truly an “I was there the day” moment.