JESS GOOD has had a whirlwind journey since arriving in Melbourne and at IKON Park. 

Moving from South Australia after being selected as a free agent by the Blues, Good stepped into her first professional football environment, as well as facing the wonder that is Melbourne weather. 

“The move to Melbourne has been a bit hectic: we had the pandemic, then the riots, then we had the hail, an earthquake, we pretty much had a hurricane the other day with the wind,” Good said. 

“Melbourne has thrown it all at me to get me out of here but I’m absolutely loving it and we’re just coming out of lockdown so things are starting to open up and it’s just good fun.” 

Good however is no stranger to professional sporting environments, having previously played basketball for the North Adelaide Rockets in the WNBL before trying her hand at football in the SANFL. 

The major difference between the two codes, Good finds, is the amount of people you get to interact with on the squad and within the staff. 

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“WNBL to AFLW is a bit of a difference, but it’s just a really good environment here in the AFLW,” she said. 

“There’s so many girls here whereas in basketball you’ve only got 15 girls in your squad so going from 15 to 30, you’ve got so many more people to meet and get to know, it’s just a really nice environment.” 

The AFLW pre-season has well and truly kicked off and Good has noticed a big shift in the standard from playing at the Sturt Football Club in the SANFL to IKON Park. 

Playing against (and with) All-Australian ruck Brea Moody along with the help of Shaun Hampson has been quite the starting point for Good as she begins her formal ruck training. 

“Working with 'Moods' is so great, an All-Australian ruck: who better to play against and match up on?,” she said. 

“If I can compete against her, it gives me confidence to compete against other rucks in the competition.

“Shaun’s great, it’s just the little bits of advice that he gives, the little tips and tricks are so good and so good to see people so passionate about helping women and the AFLW get to that next level.”

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When Good joined the Blues, she was also reunited with former teammate Kerryn Harrington, with the pair playing in the WNBL together before Harrington’s move to football. 

“'Kez' is great, it’s so good to be her teammate again,” she said. 

“She always has a serious side so you kind of expect her to go into those [leadership] positions, but it’s funny to have a go at her every now and again, keep her in line and keep her having fun.”