A fan and team favourite, Georgia Gee joins the crew for the latest episode of Behind the Game Changers.

This week Mim and Brooke return to the pod and they’ve wrangled an exclusive guest making their podcast debut – Georgia Gee!

This episode has the lot, from light-hearted laughs to the serious stuff – you won’t want to miss it.

Listen below or on any service where you get your podcasts.

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BTGC S3 Episode 4 | Georgia Gee

Brooke Walker and Mimi Hill are joined by Georgia Gee on this weeks episode of the Behind the Game Changes podcast! Tune in to hear Gee answer fan questions and open up on a number of matters.

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Episode guide:

1:00 – What does Georgia Gee spend her time doing outside of football?

2:10 – Exactly how did Gee spend her off-season to come back to the club so fit?

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BTGC Podcast | Gee on pre-season, relationship with Simpson

Georgia Gee joins the Behind the Game Changers team, Brooke Walker and Mimi Hill to discuss pre-season running and her growing relationship with assistant coach Kade Simpson.

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3:50 – They call them Velcro – Gee explains just why herself and Maddy Prespakis are joined at the hip.

5:55 – The evolution of AFLW – from uniforms to staffing, a few things have changed since Gee’s first year as a Game Changer.

6:55 – Who is Gee most looking forward to playing with in AFLW 6.0?

7:50 – Where will you find Gee lining up in 2022?

8:15 – The story behind Gee’s journey to AFLW and her footballing lineage.

10:00 – What drives Georgia Gee? Gee talks about her biggest motivators and tough love from her Pop.

11:00 – The exciting prospect of Georgia Gee and Poppy Schaap in the same forward line.

11:30 – Gee talks about studying personal training (the same course as Mads, of course).

11:50 – Hanger of the week – ever wondered which Game Changer knows their way around a bowling alley?

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BTGC Podcast | Moody's bowling skills

Breann Moody is just that good at everything. Brooke Walker and Mimi Hill recount Moody's triple strike in bowling as well as her skills on the track.

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14:45 – Clanger of the week – more Gee and Mads antics, and an Uber stitch-up.

17:00 – This week’s ‘Tini Time looks at an important topic as Gee talks about the decision to open up about body image and the impact of language.

26:15 – Fan questions. Thank you for sending in your questions! A mixed bag including a submission from Gee’s self-proclaimed biggest fan.