WELL, here we go again. 

Spending their time wisely over the last couple of weeks, Brooke (Brock) and Mim (Rim?) are back with their first episode of 2022. 

There's no better way to kick things off than with the latest Game Changer to make their debut, Jess Good. 

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BTGC Podcast | Jess Good: Hufflepuff or Gryffindor?

Jess Good chats to the Behind the Game Changers crew, Brooke Walker and Mimi Hill, about what their Harry Potter houses and patronus' would be.

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From Geelong to Adelaide to London to Melbourne and from Basketball to Netball to Footy, you're going to learn plenty about 'Goody' in this week's episode.

Enjoy below or wherever your ears prefer listening.

The show:

00:30 - A bit rusty on the old intro, but we're back with Jess Good as this week's special guest.

01:00 - Jess Good, this is your life. 

02:00 - "YoU'rE tAlL. Do U bAlL?" Jess takes us through her time playing some serious ball in the WNBL (and England).

03:20 - From the courts to the field, what brought Goody over to footy? 

06:00 - Enough history, let's talk about THE DEBUT.

06:30 - "Got to get there early and get a park." Jess' dad pulling out the ultimate dad move during Round 1.

08:00 - Just nine games of footy? You've got to be kidding. 

09:40 - A call from Kerryn and Goody was a Blue. She takes us through her draft night experience and friendship with the captain. 

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BTGC Podcast | Injuries and being a 'part-time' athlete

Brooke Walker and Mimi Hill talk to Jess Good about the impact a season ending injury can have on an AFLW player's life.

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11:00 - It's the pirate life for Jess (and Kez by the sounds of it).

14:00 - Could we have our first piano concert at the Club? Hope Goody learns the Nutbush. 

15:30 - Hanger of the week x5 (including one guest)

17:15 - Greg v the green whistle. We've got our Clanger of the Week, fam.

20:00 - All jokes aside, this week's 'Tini time is a MUST LISTEN. Good topics covered with some great insight from our team.

27:00 - Fan questions, kicking off with super-fan Mim. Will she make Goody's starting five (or even just the bench)?

30:00 - One for all the Harry Potter nerds fans out there. What is Goody's house and Patronus? 

32:00 - Snake? Worm? Sloth? Poor Mim. 

38:00 - "We hope we filled your ears with ... Goodness. Jess Goodness." WHAT A WAY TO END THE SHOW.