SIX years in the making.

She’s a hard girl to track down, but Brea Moody (Moods) is finally behind the mic.

The ORIGINAL Game Changer joins Mim and Brooke to talk all things Moods, Carlton, horse riding and rucking. 

Listen below or on any service where you get your podcasts. 

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BTGC S3 Episode 9 | Breann Moody

Mimi Hill and Brooke Walker are joined by teammate and All-Australian ruck Breann Moody, as they chat about everything from family footy ties to Moody's love of country music.

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0:30 - Moods has been tracked down and is ready to share. 

1:10 - How did Moody get to the Blues? Horses and being tall were Brea’s hobbies before her sister started footy. 

6:08 - Speaking of sisters, twins Brea and Celine have been on the same side of the white line before becoming opponents. 

9:10 - What keeps Moods busy outside of footy? 

10:50 - Country music in the gym y/n? 

12:30 - Moody speaks on the impact of Shaun 'PAM' Hampson returning to IKON Park. 

15:00 - The Falcon chat returns for the … 20th time? 

16:00 - Hanger of the week is Moody. Three games, three ‘team of the week’ selections. 

18:00 - An official clanger is a Brooke v Moods match up. 

19:00 - ‘Tini time. How does the constant fixture changes affect the AFLW side? 

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BTGC Podcast | Moody's ruck advice

Mimi Hill and Brooke Walker are joined by All-Australian ruck Breann Moody as she gives her advice to young players starting out in the ruck.

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22:35 - Thank you for submitting your fan questions! Moods goes through a few questions about handling nerves, ruck tips and agility. 

30:50 - Can we start a petition for Brea Moody to enter the Grand Final sprint? Soz Jess Hosking. 

35:30 - Don’t miss out on seeing the ‘Baggers play this weekend at IKON Park on Sunday.