IT'S A HUGE week on the Behind the Game Changers podcast this week, with our hosting panel switched up and the biggest guest of them all: Kerryn 'Kez' Harrington. 

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts. 

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BTGC S3 Episode 12 | Kerryn Harrington

It's the podcast, but with a twist.Mimi Hill and Darcy Vescio are your hosts this week (yes, you're reading this right) and take on the big task of interviewing Kerryn Harrington. A hilarious episode with plenty of synergy, awkwardness and laughs.

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0:09 - It wouldn’t be Behind the Game Changers without an awkward Mim introduction. 

0:58 - We definitely wanted Kez on the pod, we’re glad she made the time in her busy schedule to join us. 

2:00 - How’s Kez travelling with work and footy at this busy time? 

3:03 - Kez has entered the ‘30’ club and there was another special birthday in the Harrington family this week. 

5:12 - Kerryn is single-handedly building her new house brick by brick as well as planning a wedding. 

9:50 - The sole captaincy was a lot for Kez to take on, but she has thrived under the position. 

13:30 - Is there a new power friendship in the group? 

16:30 - The heart and soul, chips on shoulders, whatever you want to call them. 

18:30 - Kez has some wholesome things to say about ‘Trudgey’. 

20:45 - Can you have a pretend sponsorship? Also, you can swear on the podcast. 

22:43 - ICYMI: Mim is awkward. 

24:40 - Kez tells us what she’s most proud of from the 2022 season. 

27:10 - Is there journo beef between Joel and Kez? 

30:40 - Hanger = June’s family. 

32:55 - Clanger = Maddy Guerin’s head. 

34:48 - A clanger turned hanger: Abbie McKay with an early celebration that ended up working out. 

36:00 - Water cooler feat. Mim… It was lit. 

39:29 - Make sure you head down to our last home game at IKON Park this Sunday. 

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BTGC | Origins: Darebin Falcons (Part 3)

In this special edition, three-part series of Behind the Game Changers, we focus on the stories and football journeys of three Blues: Jess Dal Pos, Elise O'Dea and Darcy Vescio. The final instalment takes you inside the specific backgrounds of the...

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