ALL season, we’ve been thankful for the unwavering support and loyalty of our record-breaking members. 

Now, it’s time to give back. 

Culminating in Saturday’s game against St Kilda, this week is Member Appreciation Round at Ikon Park — with different rewards for our 64,269 members each day.

Make sure you check back daily to take advantage of a new offer. 

Offers for the week

MONDAY – Hyundai Member Banner Message

Hyundai is rewarding one lucky Carlton member by giving them the opportunity to write the team’s banner message for Round 22. 

So, it’s time to get creative, Bluebaggers! 

Limited to a maximum of 100 characters across four rows, submit your message now and be sure to get to the game to cheer on the Blues! 

Entries close at 12pm AEST on Tuesday 13 August, with the winner to be notified on Wednesday 14 August.

TUESDAY – 20% off storewide at The Carlton Shop

For one day only, enjoy 20% off storewide at The Carlton Shop.

You’ll need your member ID to access the discount.

Offer begins Tuesday 13 August 9am AEST, ends 11:59pm AEST. 

*Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. 

Check out The Carlton Shop now to access the offer. 

WEDNESDAY – Guard of Honour Competition – winners announced

Congratulations to Mitch Brittain, Justin Dymott, Kiera Dymott, Keeley Dymott, Zachary Grenfell, James Leos, Mary Leos, Emmanuel Leos, Bridget McClean, Rachel Berhang, Andrew Berhang, Nathaniel Berhang, Kiara Berhang, Tara Caligiuri, Cleo Caligiuri, Mike Caligiuri, Anthony Caligiuri, Tyler Moser, Craig Chapman, Julie Buckland, Milla Frlan, Luke Eastwood, Darren Hodge, Tamieka McClure, Jordan Cannolo, Craig Perry, Ryan Perry, Hayden McLennan, Craig Harding, Brendan Perry, Warren Brister, Stella James-Clark, Betty Davidson, Callum Perry, Mehmet Ege, Cameron Elkington, Laura James-Clark, Isaac Chamberlain, Kate Davidson, Jesse O'Connor, Samuel Langley, Donald Langley, Selga Langley, Harrison Broughton, Herve Carlos, Lyn Staggard, Bastian Autenrieth, Cathie Macmillan, Laurie Di Palma  and Cameron Taeuber.

These lucky winner's will be a part of our final Guard of Honour for 2019!

THURSDAY – Inner Sanctum Tour
 – winners announced:

Congratulations to Thomas Treganowan, Aaron Farrell, Michael Smith, Michelle Fox, Rebecca Hughes, Ian Fox, Cameron Deane, Tiffany Ledovski, Virginia Seignior, Cassandra Russell, Chris Reavt, Darren Townsend, Elizabeth Corless, Chelsea Heagney, Zakk Foenander, Jaylee Morrison, Susan Johnston, Adam Paykel, Sean Mulvahill, Cadell-John Tsioulakas, Nicholas Van Roevan, Dale Edwards, Rodney King, Dale Burrows, Terry Bedingham, Hayley Nathan, Mitch Cuming, Rob Annable, Daniel Cencic, Gabby Hensgen, Paul Foenander, Bradley Mischel, Nick Marinelli, Daniel Furnell, Andrew Gonn, Matthew Monger, Lynden Mullen, Joshua Ogden, Corinna Trimboli, Yossi Herbst, Shannon Whitfeld, Richard Wright, Aislinn Owens, Michael Moloney, Michael Dow, Daniel Knapping, Jonathan Garrett, Emily Johnson, Grant Wilson, Andrew Epstein and Sam Pemberton. 

FRIDAY – Captains Run  

To celebrate Cripps’ 100th game, the milestone man himself has nine signed mini Sherrins to give away at Friday’s captain’s run. Be there to wish him well!

The session begins at 10:30am.