MICHAEL Voss isn't going to let the external noise impact his side's mindset this weekend. 

Stepping into Sunday's game despite a number of mitigating circumstances surround the game, Voss was adamant that the side will continue to focus on playing their best football. 

Here's what he had to say ahead of the Giants clash.

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Voss on keeping it in the present

AFL Senior Coach Michael Voss fronted media leading into the Round 9 AFL clash.

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On how Greater Western Sydney will front up: 

"We expect it to be quite fierce with how they want to play. We're at their home venue, so that in itself makes the task a little bit more difficult. The fact there's a little bit of added either internal motivation, external motivation, whatever you want to call it, that only adds to the parts of the game or story to the game.

"We're very clear on what we need to be able to do. We understand that they're the sort of the conversations that will be going on around us, but I think we're very aware with the environment we're walking into and we have to make sure that we bring our best game." 

On changing player positions: 

"You've got to be really careful that you just can't possibly rebrand yourself within seven days. We feel like we've got a style that will stand up with some further constraints thrown at us.

"There's not as much tall timber up front but what we do have is, is when the ball hits the deck, we can build the pressure and and hopefully we could bring it on the weekend.

"Their responsibilities might be tweaked a little bit, but I've never asked more than what their role entails. In Jack [Silvagni's] instance, his role hasn't changed. We expect the same thing, whether Harry [McKay] was there or isn’t there.

"For us that's what we don't read into it too much because the reality is, I hope the problem that we've got is that we're having to solve those problems because the ball's in our half more. If the ball's in our half more, I'll be a lot happier coach." 

On Jesse Motlop: 

"The other great news is that Jesse Motlop will play which is just great news. He's really popular player for us, watching him in the VFL.

"It's been really enticing to play him even a little bit earlier. He adds to that mosquito fleet, if you want to call it, down in the front half: he's going to add real value to our team." 

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Voss on 'deadly' Motlop debut

AFL Senior Coach Michael Voss spoke to media ahead of Jesse Motlop's Round 9 debut.

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On the excitement of Carlton fans: 

"I must admit, I'm not wanting to take away the excitement that that Carlton supporters will have, we'll embrace that as much as possible.

"What we can't do is take our focus off what's got us there in the first place. What I am saying is that the boys are really believing in the way that we're playing, you can see their confidence growing by the week.

"We haven’t won interstate this year. We've gone away a couple of times and we haven't been able to get a win on the board, so there's a little challenge.

"Despite all that, we've got to go out there and play the way we want to be able to play, I think that that will come. That'll put us in a great position towards the end of the game." 

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Highlights | Motlop excites in the VFL

Watch Jesse Motlop's best work for the Carlton Reserves in 2022.

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