IT WAS the performance of the collective which got the job done for Carlton on Friday night.

However, there were some individual performances and moments which shone through in crucial stages of the Round 10 contest which ensured a Navy Blue victory in their Sir Doug Nicholls Round opener against Sydney.

Here's what AFL Senior Coach Michael Voss had to say on a number of his players.

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SDNR R10 | Voss post-match

Michael Voss speaks to the media following the Round 10 win over the Sydney Swans.

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On Jacob Weitering’s individual performance:

“He was amazing.

“I’m not into sitting here and lauding individuals: we all take a really selfless approach with what we try and promote inside the four walls — but you’ve got to acknowledge it when it’s right in front of you.

“He was amazing. The amount of ball that was coming in, he looked so safe and sure and strong.

“If anyone had a will to win at the end, it was him.”

On his first impressions of Charlie Curnow:

“I hadn’t seen a lot of Charlie, to be honest with you. He hasn’t put a foot wrong since we got here.

“He’s fortunate that he was able to get some work in at the back-end of last year and play some footy. That has held him in good stead.

“He’d be the first to say he was lacking some confidence early. But as he has regained that confidence, we’re seeing all the attributes that he brings.”

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SDNR R10 | Curnow carves up Swans with stellar six

Charlie Curnow had a night out at Marvel Stadium, notching a sensational return of six goals.

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On Sam Docherty’s recovery after a big contest:

“The players acknowledged it after the match. They spoke to him about the effort to firstly go for the ball, but then be able to go out and keep playing on.

“We shouldn’t say it’s what we expect from him, but it’s becoming the norm for him.

“He keeps overcoming any challenges coming his way and he’s having a great year. The players love playing with him and we draw a lot of energy off him.”

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SDNR R10 | Hard hits of the week

Watch some of the hardest hits from the Round 10 win over the Swans at Marvel Stadium.

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On standing up in the absence of a few:

“We haven’t spoken about it internally. What I love is we’ve just got on with it.

“That’s been the approach of this group. Maybe in moments like these, it stands out: they’re not looking for what’s not working.

“They’re trying to stick together and trying to play selfless footy. We’re finding our way through those moments which is exceptionally pleasing.”


On Tom De Koning’s continued development:

“There were some big down-the-line balls that he needed to impact, and he was able to influence which was fantastic.

“Sometimes you get young guys who you give responsibility and they just step up. It’s amazing under that responsibility, how much they thrive. He’s going to keep getting better and better and the relationship he’s building with the mids is only going to get stronger.”

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SDNR R10 | De Koning catching fire with massive marks

Tom De Koning reels in a handful of impressive grabs to show his scary potential.

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On the zip of the small forwards:

“As a byproduct of some injuries to our talls, yes it has [been out of necessity]. But we’ve been okay with that.

“What we’ve been able to do was get the ball on the ground and we feel like when we get it there in our front half, our smalls go to work. They’re fast and zippy and provide some challenges for the opposition.

“We feel like it’s a real strength of ours. They’ll continue to grow with the more games they play together.

“We’re talking about guys that have played very little football together. The fact they’re going out and playing like that in games like this with a crowd like that, the learning will go through the roof.”