WELCOME to ‘Yeah, Good Chat’, hosted by Jess Good ('Goodie'). 

Host Jess Good unearths the stories of our AFLW program: what makes the players tick, what it takes to be an athlete and what goes on off the track. With a weekly guest, Goodie will bring the identity of the 'W' program to light in a pre-season typified by hard work and seizing the opportunity in front of both the individuals and the team.

Our first guest is none other than the podcast-experienced media talent Darcy Vescio, with 'Darce' once again reminding us how entertaining they are behind the mic. 

Chatting about pre-season training, Darce’s love for mud and sardines as well as the relatable issues associated with procrastination, this episode gives a strong start to the ‘Yeah, Good Chat’ franchise. 

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Yeah, Good Chat S1 E1 | Darcy Vescio

In the first ever episode of 'Yeah, Good Chat', host Jess Good is joined by Darcy Vescio as they chat about pre-season, fishy behaviours and procrastination.

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0:20 - Goodie introduces the podcast and asks Darce for some podcast hosting tips, to which Darce reveals no secrets.  

1:30 - Darce speaks on the upcoming season and the vibe around IKON Park at the moment. 

2:40 - Goodie asks about Darce’s six-year anniversary at the Club and also debates their spicy favourite song. 

3:40 - Darce tells us a bit about their education support work and how it fits in with football. 

4:20 - The training load is ramping up as the season approaches, with the group experiencing a pre-season like no other. 

6:09 - Darce reveals an embarrassing Mario Kart-esque moment from training that gave them a brand-new outlook on mud. 

9:08 - Recommendations time: Darce is a fan of audiobooks, even though they just can’t remember what they’re called. Goodie speaks on Top Gun 2. 

12:14 - That’s good and that’s not good (formerly known as hangers and clangers). 

14:10 - First episode hiccup, the gift exchange in the introduction happens at the 14-minute mark. Darce brings an interesting gift that will last a lifetime. 

17:25 - Reflex cards: pick a question and discuss. Sounds easy. Warning: Love Island and Stranger Things get a bit of a diss here… then things get serious. 

23:17 - Goodie asks again for advice on podcasting and Darce once again shirks the question. 

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Yeah, Good Chat | Sardine contract

Yeah, Good Chat host Jess Good is joined by Darcy Vescio, who offers up a very fishy gift.

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