WE SAY 'big get' a lot, but this is a big get. 

2006 No.1 draft pick, No.4 guernsey, 2014 John Nicholls Medallist and an all-round smiley guy: Bryce Gibbs joins best mate Marc Murphy in the studio for the sixth instalment of On the Marc, thanks to Great Southern Bank. 

Playing over a decade of footy together - and becoming fast friends in the process - Murph and Gibbs discuss their early days at Carlton, their lives post-footy, Adelaide fast-food franchises and how their kids are all full-blown Junior ‘Baggers.

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts. 

0:18 - Murph introduces his best mate ‘Boot’ – his favourite No.1 draft pick. 

1:33 - Gibbsy reflects on his time living with the 'Pres' (Shane O’Sullivan): an eight-month stay that turned into two years. 

3:00 - Throwback to the early days at the Club, where Gibbs bought an official Carlton sharehouse in Dutton Lane. 

4:36 - What did Gibbs spend his first paycheque on? 'Shaneo' was making his sandwiches, so it wasn’t going towards food. 

5:42 - The nickname ‘Boot’ doesn’t really come from anywhere… anti-climatic. 

6:22 - Does anyone remember Gibbsy’s clothing brand? … Anyone? 

8:00 - Gibbsy could have started his own fast-food empire before discovering Lygon Street. 

9:18 - Life in Adelaide is pretty chill, with plenty of footy on the agenda. Gibbsy is surprisingly loving the media lifestyle. 

15:36 - How did Gibbs end up at Carlton? Why was he allowed to go on schoolies when Murph wasn’t? 

18:28 - Murph and Gibbs reminisce on the terror of being in the leadership group as teenagers. 

21:40 - The duo had a few pushes for finals in their time, but were never able to crack through to the Big Dance. 

23:42 - Which coaches had the biggest influences on Gibbs’ career? 

26:15 - Gibbs had a strange experience coming back to Carlton after failing to get traded in 2016. 

28:45 - Gibbsy’s heart still lies at the Blues and now, so does his son Charlie. 

30:00 - Which CURRENT player would Gibbs want in the 2011 lineup? Gibbsy may have misheard the question here.