THE Carlton Football Club today fully supports the five-year ban handed down by the AFL to individuals involved in a physical altercation at the MCG on Saturday 11 May. 

After concluding their investigation, Victoria Police provided the names of two individuals to the Club.

These individuals have since been contacted and informed that their memberships have been immediately revoked. They will be unable to renew their membership for the duration of the imposed ban.

Carlton CEO Cain Liddle emphasised the Club’s zero tolerance stance for such disgusting behaviour.

“Violence of any kind has no place at the football or indeed society as a whole,” Liddle said.

“The actions of a handful of individuals on Saturday were appalling and will never be tolerated at our football club. For those who would remotely contemplate engaging in such behaviour, our response is simple – you are not welcome.

“Our members and all fans have a right to feel safe when they come to watch their team play. Anyone who poses a threat to that has no place at our football club and at our games.”