CARLTON is building momentum with back-to-back wins, and the excitement is palpable among Tone One and Tone Two.

Sam Petrevski-Seton joins the Two Tones - proudly presented by Barkly Smokehouse - to chat about everything from his spell in defence to his repertoire of handshakes with the playing group.

Tune in for another positive episode for everything you need to know about Saturday’s game, plus all of your favourite segments.

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He said what?!

“There was a big ruckus when your monocle dropped into your chardonnay.”

Episode guide:

0:30: A tribute to the man behind the name of the episode: Michael Young.

4:00: The Tones begin their reflection on last week's game, including Beast’s high-brow ‘man of the people’ afternoon.

12:00: A bit of love for big man Levi Casboult, and a famous comparison.

14:00: Cristiano can’t contain his excitement as he explains the moment Darren Hulme presented debutant Josh Deluca his jumper.

16:00: Beast gets the task of casting the votes after a performance with such a wide spread of contributors.

18:00: Cristiano joins the line up for a rundown of everything social and it’s a bit of love for our committed supporters.

20:00: Pay attention because Cristiano is about to reveal this week’s quiz question.

25:00: The Tones welcome Sam Petrevski-Seton into the studio.

28:00: ‘Samo’ talks us through his transition down back and more importantly, has he gained entry into the defenders’ Whatsapp group?

31:00: We can’t keep up will all of the handshakes going around the playing group, so Samo sets the records straight.

34:00: A look forward to this weekend’s clash with Adelaide.

38:00: Beast goes through a very, very humourous instalment from the vault.