A CULT hero who has been wearing a headband and long sleeve guernsey for the Blues since Round 1 2017.

As part of the inaugural Carlton AFLW side, Gab Pound has seen it all – from a lock-out opening game to Grand Final losses, the crowd-favourite defender has witnessed all the change and highs and lows of playing football.

Gab spends her spare time being a top-tier human and adventuring in the great outdoors. Sit back, relax, put on your best long-sleeve jumper and prepare to be inspired, thanks to Great Southern Bank.

0:20 - Welcome Gab Pound it’s been a long time coming.

1:15 - Our icebreaker question brought to you by Great Southern Bank: “What was the first thing you ever splurged on?”

1:45 - Gab is eyeing off a new car thanks to a certain car sponsor of the Carlton Football Club.

2:28 - Gab loves her coffee machine... who doesn't?

3:10 - Gab works outside the club as a disability support worker and loves it.

3:45 - One of Gab’s clients dominates at the bowling alley, whilst Gab is just trying to knock down some pins.

4:20 - The importance of working with people with disabilities.

5:45 - On top of everything else, Gab is studying outdoor education.

6:20 - Balancing footy, study and life... It ain't easy being Gab.

6:57 - Gab grew up in an 'outdoorsy' family, which helped her want to pursue studying the outdoors.

8:00 - Gab and 'Goodie' are leaders of the Murray River fan-club.

8:33 - Flat water and river rafting are highlights in Gab’s trips.

9:16 - Paddle tips with Gab: how to paddle your canoe without falling out!


10:00 - Goodie’s dad refuses to go canoeing anymore after capsizing... which is fair imo. 

11:20 - If you ever find yourself in trouble in open water, listen to Gab’s advice!

12:09 - “Should we get into a snake story?” Sure, why not?

13:20 - And after that detour, back to chatting about Gab’s study!

14:00 - Sustainability is a big passion of Gab’s and she’s trying her best to lend a hand.

15:10 - Gab has been a Blue since day one, playing in the inaugural AFLW game in 2017.

16:00 - Gab’s Dad was emailing the AFL saying the first AFLW game needed to be moved to a bigger ground. It worked.

16:40 - Reflecting on the gravity of what that night was now gets Gab excited for the future of the game.

17:32 - Gab and her teammates noticed the crowd building during warmups and couldn’t believe it.

18:00 - People were climbing the fences to try and get into the first game.

19:10 - Paying respects to those who paved the way in the VFLW.

20:10 - From IKON to Adelaide Oval, Gab recalls playing a Grand Final in front of 53,000 people in 2019.

21:00 - Comparing her first game and her Grand Final experience, Gab just loves that people keep showing up for AFLW.

22:15 - Being an inaugural Carlton player, Gab has seen the transformation of the Club.


22:50 - Capitalising on the small opportunities at the start and seeing them grow to what is happening now, Goodie and Gab are excited for the future.

23:20 - Gab and Goodie discuss the full pathway players now have to get to AFLW.

23:45 - From a little locker room in the first season to top-tier facilities, the change has big massive and Gab’s been here for it all.

24:20 - Coming a long way and learning a lot of lessons, but there positives are shining.

24:55 - “This year is so different,” but that excites Gab.

25:30 - As someone who has been in football for so long, the change in the sport is mind-blowing for our little half-back!

26:04 - Finally getting to say you’re a footballer as your job is crazy to Goodie and Gab.

26:35 - Gab and Goodie love training during the day and see the benefits and the rewards.

27:27 - “I do love my longies.” Gab Pound: long-sleeve enthusiast.

28:25 - “Why?! I look good for starters!” The story of the iconic headband.


29:05 - An opposition player cheekily stole Gab’s headband.

30:15 - Get the party-poppers out, Gab is in the AFLW Team Of The Week!

30:40 - Debriefing the Bulldogs game “A good team win”. 

31:25 - Gab and Goodie a pretty pumped for the upcoming game against Collingwood.

32:00 - “Doesn’t matter who is playing we’ll keep doing what we’re doing”.

32:30 - Gab’s pre-game ritual is walking her dog, which sounds delightful!

33:10 - Looking forward to Round 7 and beyond!

34:40 - Goodie and Gab love the design on this year’s Indigenous Guernsey (unfortunately there isn’t a long sleeve for Gab).

36:00 - A GREAT chat in the books this week!