MEET Ashton Moir.

The Burmese youngster from Glenelg who kicks on both feet thanks to his parents' Taekwondo background.

Speaking to Gettable earlier in 2023, get to know the newest Blue just that little bit more.

On his comfort with both his left and right foot: 

“I’ve been doing that since I first started kicking a footy, or any type of ball, a soccer ball. It’s always been both feet, it’s been really natural. Both Mum and Dad did Taekwondo when I was growing up, so they always had to use both feet. We were talking about it, it might be a little bit genetic! I practiced it a lot when I was younger and it has become second nature to me now.

“It depends on what side of the ground I’m on . . . I genuinely don’t have a preferred foot. Wherever the opponent is, wherever I am on the field — whatever foot.”


On his Burmese background:

“Mum’s parents were both born in Burma. They were over in WA, they came to Australia and living in Perth all their life. That’s where they had Mum, and Mum came over to Adelaide in 2001 with Dad. They met through Taekwondo in the 1990s. It’s a weird story!”

On his mum’s Olympics journey:

“Mum was lucky enough to represent Australia in the Olympics in 2000 for Taekwondo. She was pretty young, I think she was 19 when she went. She did alright, lost her first match unfortunately. She was meant to go in 2004 in Athens . . . but decided to have me instead! 

“I did like one session when I was younger, but I definitely realised it wasn’t for me.”

On where he plays his best football:

“At the moment, I’m playing more of a half-forward role and trying to get up the ground a little bit. I can play deep and be isolated as well. I like to think I can be pretty versatile as well, I can play down back - I played there a couple of years ago - and I can play tall or small as well.”

Speaking to FOX Footy, he also touched on his relationship with former NBL MVP, Jerome Randle:

“He’s been massive for me, especially mentally off the field and teaching me to be a better person and when I was playing basketball, to be a better basketballer too. “I was lucky enough to go over to America with Jerome and do some training over there with a couple of NBA trainers, which was pretty cool. His best advice was just not to worry about any external stuff. Just to focus on what you can control and what you do is what really matters most.”