SUMMER is back in session for another year.

And we thought we’d continue with the tradition of the esteemed* podcast.

The No.24 is the first guest for 2024 (get it?), as Nic Newman rings into the Carlton Media studio for an engaging chat. When we asked him if he’d agree to join the podcast, he finally said “I do”.


Anyway, onto the podcast.

0:33 - It took precisely 33 seconds to mention the engagement. Be prepared, it takes up a significant chunk of the show’s opening — but luckily not 12 years.

1:05 - He may have had some exciting news over the break, but that’s not going to stop us from opening Summer Sessions the traditional way. Let’s go girls.

1:30 - Engagement chat first. “Patience is a virtue” - Nic Newman, 2024.

2:45 - A public John Nicholls Medal proposal? Newy would rather wait another 12 years.

4:20 - He’s Best Clubman for a reason. His teammates that are in long-term relationships have now lost their safety blanket.

5:20 - Following the departure of Ed Curnow (sad), Newy is now officially a veteran as the oldest player on the list. But he doesn’t mind that.

6:30 - He may have finished runner-up in the JNM, but it’s all about team success for Newy. He becomes the first player to ever say he “wants to play his role for the team”.

7:10 - His locker buddy may have been a bit grumpy post-injury last week, but Noodle confirms that the ultimate professional Weiters is again in good spirits.

7:50 - The day of recording was gym junkie day at Carlton . . . and, of course, there was a jovial Blue leading the charge.

8:45 - Sharing a breakfast with past players? An initiative led by Michael Voss for all those United by Navy Blue.


10:00 - How does Noodle back up a career-best season?

11:05 - He learnt a whole lot of lessons as a Swan, but Newy feels as though he has well and truly grown up into the person he wanted to be at Carlton. Wholesome answer alert.

13:10 - What role does Newy see himself in a flexible defensive mix in 2024? And could we see the return of the goal-celebration Shaka? 

15:30 - Serious football chat. “Make your teammate better” has been a big part of Carlton’s mantra publicly - but what does that look like behind the scenes?

16:40 - The team’s all about leaving the past in the past, but Newy can’t deny there’s a bit more confidence now given the events of late last year. And that’s driving the playing group for another year.

18:40 - Noodle thought his eyes were deceiving him - and he wasn’t the only one - when Marc “Big Brad” Pittonet ripped out two blind turns in training.

19:20 - Pre-season cliches: who’s flying? Newy didn’t want to give his teammates a big head . . . but then proceeded to give out his fair share of love: there’s two small forwards in particular that are exciting and terrifying the defender.


20:30 - The Cunundrum returns for another year. Unfortunately, despite coming into his sixth season as a Blue, Noodle’s got nothing.

21:20 - Our guest was not happy about this. Which teammate referred to Nic Newman as ‘Gru’ — and what does the man himself think about it?

23:00 - Once upon a time, Nic Newman was referred to as Onions. Pleasingly, he’s shed himself (nice) of that particular nickname — but another one remains.

26:00 - “I’m the oldest player on the list now, I’ve got to be better than that.” What’s Newy referring to here?

26:40 - Which teammates could Newy pounce on in SuperCoach Draft this year? And did his outstanding personal form in 2023 actually come back to bite him?

28:15 - “It stands out, geez.” No surprises which teammate with a distinct new haircut draws this comment.

28:30 - It’s tennis season, so there’s a tennis-themed question (sort of). We like to keep things topical on Summer Sessions.

30:00 - We love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all, we love playing football with our friends. Another wholesome answer alert.