Following Carlton’s 2019 VFLW season, Senior Coach Shannon McFerran provided the following words on the Carlton defenders:

Nicola Burns

Games: 4 | Season-high tackles: 5 (v Southern Saints) 

A returning player who came into some good form at the end of the year. Injury interrupted her season. 

Gemma Wright 

Games: 14 | Avg disposals: 9.7

Gemma has a basketball background and limited football experience, but she was huge down back and cemented her position from the start of the season. Gemma has strong hands and is a great decision-maker. She nullified a number of opposition key forwards throughout the season.

Megan Neill

Games: 11 | Season-high tackles: 5 (v Essendon and Geelong)

The co-captain led from the get-go, displaying a fantastic attitude to become a valuable member of the team. She is a strong and capable defender.

Amanda Prins 

Games: 12 | Season-high tackles: 9 (v Darebin)

Amanda was a capable defender whose season got better each week. She improved a lot throughout the season.

Isobel Dakis Rofe 

Games: 4 | Season-high tackles: 5 (v Darebin)

Isobel is still learning the game but has a strong tackling ability.

Phoebe Chisholm

Games: 8 | Season-high disposals: 8 (v Western Bulldogs)

Phoebe is a young defender who was able to compete with some of the most seasoned opposition players throughout the season.

Mia-Rae Clifford

Games: 14 | Avg disposals: 9.8

Mia was a fantastic addition to the team this season. She can play anywhere across the ground and displays great leadership.

Charlotte Wilson 

Games: 12 | Avg disposals: 8.3

Charlotte is a young key defender who was able to develop in her role down back throughout the season. She also showed promise in stints as a key forward.

Lauren Brazzale

Games: 4 | Avg disposals: 14

Lauren provided plenty of run off half-back and also spent some time in the middle this season.

Emerson Woods

Games: 13 | Avg disposals: 9.7

Emerson is a young player who we saw make her AFLW debut in 2019. She really developed as a defender this VFLW season.

Natalie Plane

Games: 11 | Avg disposals: 13.6

Nat was one of our co-captains this season. She is a terrific leader with elite skills.

Gab Pound

Games: 6 | Avg disposals: 17.8

Gab provided plenty of run off the half-back line throughout the season. We all know what she’s capable of as an All Australian: she’s a small defender who can play tall, while she displayed strong hands on many occasions.

Jess Hosking

Games: 11 | Avg disposals: 17.4

Jess is a great athlete who provided plenty of run off half-back this season. She is maturing as a footballer and refining her craft.