AFTER all the excitement of last week's 'story time with Shane O', there are some big shoes for our guest to fill on this week's episode of the Two Tones. 

Luckily, we have just the man for the job. 

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Levi Casboult joins the Two Tones for a great chat about footy, family and how he is enjoying playing a new role for the Blues in 2019. 

Tune in for that great chat, a VERY positive review of last week's win over the Swans, and all of your usual favourite segments in the John Lloyd edition of the podcast. 

He said what?! 

“Out Goddard, cheek. In Yacob, beak.”

Episode guide: 

1:00: Once again, we’re straight into it. Here is this week’s special guest, Levi Casboult (with potentially the cheesiest intro of the season.)

4:00: Levi opens up about his move down back and how it’s helped his game.

6:15: The family man! How Levi sees his family life as a great “leveller”.

7:00: $5 and a beanie? The story behind how Levi became a Navy Blue man.

8:30: He swung it more than the Aussies in England. Here’s how Levi made THAT goal on the weekend.

13:00: Has Levi been removed from the defenders’ WhatsApp group?

16:00: The big man has departed the studio, but the Tones are still a bit star struck.

18:10: Let the game review begin.

26:05: As always, Beast has the unenviable task of casting the votes from the game against Sydney.

28:30: Cristiano is here with all the latest news from the Club, including an injury update on Hugh Goddard and Jacob Weitering.

30:00: Your weekly social media check, and this week’s quiz question. Remember, it’s your chance to win a delicious Barkly Smokehouse gift pack.

33:00: We’re on Hulme watch again.

33:30: Beast has dived into the vault and brought back some gold.

36:25: Don't worry if you missed last week's emphatic finish to the VFL, because Cristiano is here to give you a play-by-play. 

38:00: A preview of all footy action for the weekend.