WE'RE hitting the business end of the season, so it’s only fitting we bust out the big guns for the Bert Deacon edition of the podcast.

You couldn’t hide the smile on Beast’s face this week after young gun Sam Walsh joined the show.

The young Blue who has launched into his first season has much to say about life as a Blue, his reflections on his debut year, his hopes for next year, and spills the dirt on which one of his roommates is the worst at FIFA.

All of that, plus all of your favourite segments in this week’s episode of The Two Tones.

He said what?!

“My floppy disks have run out of room.”

Episode guide: 

1:00: An interesting history lesson on Bert Deacon.

3:00: The Tones been looking forward to this one all week. Here is the review of last weekend’s win over the Saints.

15:30: It’ never an easy task. However, as always, Beast is up to the task of casting the votes in the Two Tones player of the year.

17:40: Fire-up the dial-up, kick mum off the phone,  Cristiano is here for all things Twittergram.

20:00: If you’re just here for your chance to win a delicious Barkly Smokehouse gift pack, this is where you want to tune in. Cristiano has this week’s quiz question.

24:00: Settle in, Beast has returned from the vault with another piece of Carlton history

28:00: After possibly one of the longest and most heartfelt introductions of the season, Sam Walsh finally joins the show. Even better news, he’s a fan of the show.

31:30: We might finally find out whether Beast is a bigger fan of Walshy, or whether Walshy is a bigger fan of Beast.

32:30: Walshy talks about being the number one draft pick and how he has dealt with the the external pressure. 

35:20: Living with Setters, Kennedy, and Lang is sure to provide some interesting stories. Walshy has the dirt on his roommates.

37:00: It’s a bit of homecoming for Walshy this weekend as the Blues head to Geelong for the final game of the season.

40:25: The story behind the ‘W’ celebration and whether we’ll ever see it again.

41:00: What’s the young Blue up to in his off-season (aside from running)? Walshy also has some reflections on his first year in footy.

44:00: A preview of this week’s final game against the Cats. Don’t get too close because Beast is fired up!