CARLTON veteran Ed Curnow is “pumped” to pull on the Navy Blue for another year.

Curnow solidified his commitment to the Blues on Monday, with a one-year contract extension seeing the combative midfield extend his stay at Ikon Park until at least the end of 2020.

A favourite of the Blues faithful, Curnow spoke to media about his recommitment and role moving forward.

“I’m pumped to get another go at the Blues,” Curnow said.

“With my role I’m more forward, and then [I] have the ability to obviously jump on the best player from the opposition when they get going in the midfield.”

The career tagger has spent much of this season up forward, already posting a career-high tally of eight goals with nine games still to play.

The 155-gamer believes it is something which is set to continue heading into 2020.

“I had an understanding over the pre-season - even late last year – that I’d probably be looking to move more forward,” he said of the move.

“I think that’s the case for most of the guys when you head towards 30: you’ve got to be good at different positions to keep your job.”

Despite the move into offence, Curnow still relishes in the opportunity to try and nullify the competition’s best when a tagging opportunity becomes available.

In the Blues’ recent win over Brisbane in Round 12, Curnow executed a comprehensive shutdown of Brisbane star Lachie Neale.

“I see it as a job, it’s a privilege to be given that role,” he said of the tag.

“You’re always playing on the best, so you’ve got to concentrate. There’s no other way, otherwise they’ll show you up.

“Usually you get a lot of support from your teammates because they all understand that if a player gets going, then you’re more than likely to lose.”