EVERYTHING is back to normal in the Two Tones studio, with both Tones returning for the Patrick Cripps edition of the podcast. 

The Tones, and Cristiano, are up and about after last week's epic win in the West, so expect a very excited reflection on the game, as well as a look forward to Sunday's clash against the Demons. 

Michael Gibbons is this week's special guest, so tune in for a great chat about his time so far in the AFL, how he is loving all the support from the 'Baggers, and the truth behind the wardrobe mishap between himself and Zac Fisher. 

Tune in below! 

They said what??

"He's all over your snapfaces." 

Episode guide: 

0:30: The Patrick Cripps episode... What do you mean? An explanation behind this week's cryptic episode title. 

1:00: There's no wasting time this week, we're straight into our chat with the very entertaining Michael Gibbons.

4:00: An honest reflection by Mick on how he now gets to live his AFL dream every single day. 

9:00: Mick sets the story straight around the shared wardrobe with Zac Fisher.

11:00: A heartwarming reflection on how much the support of the 'Baggers means to Mick, and the rest of the team. 

13:00: The Tones begin their reflection on last week's game, including some comparisons to some other famous Carlton victories. 

25:20: The hardest job in the AFL this week (maybe not), here are the votes courtesy of Beast! 

28:00: Cristiano joins the podcast for a check over everything social, including all of your love for big Levi Casboult. 

31:30: The answer to last week's quiz question and, even better, this week's question and chance to win! 

33:00: It's bound to be selection headaches this week, but the Two Tones believe they have all the answers. Here's what they have to say about this week's game against the Demons.