IT’S the episode we’ve all been waiting for – story time with Shane O. 

The man who has played a big part in Carlton’s history joins the podcast to share just a few stories since his arrival at the club 40 years ago. 

All that and your favourite segments are back in the Stephen Kenna episode of the podcast. 

He said what?! 

“I’ll be lighting up the big, fat Cubans.” 

Episode guide: 

1:00: If you know Carlton, you’ll know who Shane O’Sullivan is, and we’re honoured to have him join us in the studio for this week’s podcast. 

5:00: Shane O shares a story you may not have heard. Was he behind the famous 1979 Grand Final victory?  

9:00: You may have heard the start of this on ‘The Front Bar’ the other night, now it’s time to hear Shane O’s side of the Michael O'Loughlin draft selection that never was.   

14:00: He has seen many players come and go throughout his time at the Blues, but there’s a particular recruit that has sparked some excitement for Shane O.  

19:30: A quick wrap from last week’s game against the Dees. 

21:00:  The votes are in! See who takes home the three votes this week. 

24:30:  Cristiano is in for the first time today, and he has a belter of a quiz question. 

27:00: The Two Tones take a look forward to this week’s game, and preview the well-deserved Blue debut of Hugh Goddard.