MICHAEL Gibbons has certainly made an impact in his first season in Navy Blue.

The off-season supplementary selection arrived at Carlton a ready-made footballer, and has proven his credentials by playing every game in 2019 to date.

A star of the VFL over a number of seasons, Gibbons spoke of his journey from midfield star at Williamstown to Carlton’s ever-present small forward on this week’s edition of The Two Tones.

Gibbons spoke on his journey from his time at Williamstown to finally landing himself a spot on an AFL list on this week’s episode of The Two Tones.

“I was getting a little impatient with my time in the VFL, I guess wondering if the opportunity was going to come,” Gibbons said.

“Back when I was playing the VFL for Williamstown, the times you would get frustrated were when you’d get tagged by an AFL-listed player and you’re going head to head with these guys and beating them."

The 23-year-old had been overlooked in six drafts before being picked up by Carlton in the supplementary selection period (SSP) alongside Matthew Cottrell.

Having won a premiership at Williamstown along with two Liston Trophies (the VFL’s equivalent of the Brownlow Medal), Gibbons conceded he’s now living a dream at the Blues that he thought may never happen.

“This is the ultimate dream,” he said.

“I guess there would be a million kids out there that want to do it and I’m lucky enough to do it now.

“I think it just shows that the VFL Is still the best pathway if you want to get drafted if you don’t get drafted straight out of the 18s."

For Gibbons, the move to Carlton also meant a move up forward, having starred in the state competition playing largely as a midfielder.

In his new position as a pressure forward, Gibbons has been Carlton’s No.1 ranked forward for pressure acts and has hit the scoreboard at an increased rate in recent weeks (seven goals in eight weeks).

“It took me a little bit to get adjusted to it at the start: obviously in the VFL I played midfield for the last five years,” he said.

“Coming into the system, the way to get into the team was to become that pressure forward.

“So I knuckled down and I guess I’ve been doing what the coaches like at the moment.”'