CARLTON ruckman Matthew Kreuzer will undergo further tests to learn the full extent of his elevated heart rate that happened during Friday night’s loss to St Kilda. 

Kreuzer went to the bench just minutes into his side’s eighth consecutive loss with a shortness of breath and raised heartbeat before sitting out the remainder of the match. 

It came just one week after defender Caleb Marchbank reported similar symptoms against Brisbane before taking the field against the Saints. 

Kreuzer said it was the first time during his career he had suffered such pain. 

"I was out of breath, I couldn't run at all and felt like I couldn’t even move," Kreuzer told on Monday. 

"I've never had something like it, the doctor diagnosed it as an SVT (Supraventricular Tachycardia). 

"My heart was going really quick and wouldn’t settle. I had to take something to relax it and settle it down, it's all good now."

In a positive sign, the 29-year-old drove himself to training on Monday. 

After initial tests, Kreuzer will head for more this week to determine whether he can follow Marchbank’s lead and play the following week after diagnosis. 

"I've got to get some more (tests) throughout the week, so we'll just wait and see," he said. 

"The doctor's pretty confident it's a once off and that's it. 

"(I'm) hoping to (play), I'll see the doctors during the week and see what they say."

The Blues face Hawthorn on Sunday at Etihad Stadium, giving Kreuzer a nine-day break from the loss to the Saints.