ONE MOMENT sticks in Eddie Betts’ mind when it comes to ‘feeling home’ again at Ikon Park.

While it’s been just over a month since Betts made his fairytale return to the Blues, it’s still all sinking in for the star forward.

Speaking to media at the launch of Carlton’s 2020 playing kit, Betts discussed his homecoming now that the dust has settled on trade period.

“I was actually driving my car yesterday and for the first time I drove my car in Melbourne, because every time I’m here I’ve got a hire car,” Betts said.

“It’s really starting to sink in now putting the jersey back on.”

Tuesday’s launch was the first time Betts had donned the No.19 guernsey since his departure from Ikon Park six years ago.

Having played 184 games in the number, it seems only fitting the veteran reclaim it in his Navy Blue return.

“I played 184 games in it, so I’m glad that I’m back in it and I’ve still got my old jerseys,” he said.

“I’ve still got the little ones from my boy when he was a baby, so the girls will jump into that one.”