Champions of Carlton - Alphabetical list.

The selection panel operated under the following criteria, that a player, to be eligible for selection, must have played a minimum 50 senior matches over five seasons for Carlton.

Matthew Allan140 games72 goals1994-2003
Tom Alvin218 games95 goals1984-94
Frank Anderson155 games41 goals1934-44
Barry Armstrong204 games142 goals1969-81
Rod Ashman236 games370 goals1973-86
Rod Austin220 games20 goals1972-85
Jim Baird130 games85 goals1941-43, 1945-51
Ken Baxter153 games365 goals1941, 1945-50
Doug Beasy129 games124 goals1951-59
Simon Beaumont152 games89 goals1995-03
Jack Bennett119 games46 goals1940-47
Eddie Betts184 games290 goals2005-13
Wayne Blackwell110 games80 goals1984-90
Craig Bradley375 games247 goals1986-2002
Ray Brew118 games31 goals1923-26, 1928-31
Fraser Brown177 games99 goals1989-00
Edward “Vin” Brown117 games4 goals1941-48
George Bruce181 games30 goals1903-13
Jim Buckley164 games146 goals1976-88, 1990
Scott Camporeale233 games200 goals1995-2005
Andrew Carrazzo164 games47 goals2004-
Neil Chandler76 games22 goals1968-1974
John Chick119 games29 goals1952-60
Bob Chitty147 games32 goals1937-46
Ang Christou151 games18 goals1991-2002
Jim Clark161 games2 goals1943-1951
N. “Hackenschmidt” Clark126 games3 goals1905-12
Edward “Ansell” Clarke144 games242 goals1929-37
Horrie Clover147 games396 goals1920-24, 1926-31
Ian Collins161 games49 goals1961-69, 1971
Gordon Collis95 games40 goals1961-65, 1967
Bruce Comben188 games36 goals1950-61
Jack Conley135 games104 goals1944, 1946-52
Ron “Socks” Cooper157 games170 goals1932-42
George Coulthard140 games102 goals1876-82
Berkley Cox102 games45 goals1958-1965
Garry Crane148 games16 goals1964-76
Creswell “Micky” Crisp183 games281 goals1931-41
Brent Crosswell98 games92 goals1968-74
Charlie Davey143 games121 goals1927-37
Fred Davies125 games137 goals1941, 1946-52
Perc Daykin134 games136 goals1914-21
Bert Deacon106 games7 goals1942-51
Peter Dean248 games41 goals1984-98
Billy Dick100 games35 goals1911-18
Graham Donaldson106 games85 goals1955-62
Jon Dorotich132 games103 goals1986-93
Bruce Doull356 games22 goals1969-86
Alex Duncan141 games88 goals1921-24, 1926-30
Fred Elliott197 games86 goals1900-01, 1903-11
Des English104 games6 goals1980-86
George Ferry139 games7 goals1952-61
Brendan Fevola187 games575 goals1999-2009
Charlie Fisher111 games147 goals1914-21
Mike Fitzpatrick150 games150 goals1975-76, 1978-83
Jim Flynn77 games9 goals1903-08, 1910
Jim Francis162 games52 goals1934-43
Adrian Gallagher165 games235 goals1964-72
Vin Gardiner157 games341 goals1907-17
Bryce Gibbs155 games80 goals2007-
Fred Gilby179 games4 goals1926-37
Barry Gill132 games5 goals1964-72
Frank Gill205 games14 goals1929-42
David Glascott173 games81 goals1981-91
Adrian Gleeson176 games174 goals1986-96
John Goold108 games3 goals1963-70
Martin Gotz106 games42 goals1906-11, 1913
“Bob” Green187 games58 goals1933-45
“Ollie” Grieve137 games4 goals1942, 1944, 1946-52
Jack Hale123 games78 goals1933-41
Kevin Hall169 games51 goals1963-73
Charlie Hammond154 games40 goals1905-09, 1914-18
Ken Hands211 games188 goals1945-57
Milham Hanna190 games83 goals1986-97
Wayne Harmes169 games86 goals1977-86, 1988
Harry Haughton113 games49 goals1912-19
Ern Henfry84 games20 goals1944, 1947-52
Adrian Hickmott134 games107 goals1996-97, 1999-03
Matthew Hogg114 games38 goals1992-99
Ryan Houlihan201 games127 goals2000-11
Jack “Chooka” Howell137 games246 goals1942-44, 1946-50, 1952-54
Ken Hunter147 games160 goals1981-89
Syd Jackson136 games165 goals1969-76
John James195 games31 goals1953-63
Ernie Jamieson125 games4 goals1909-16, 1921-22
Alex Jesaulenko256 games424 goals1967-79
George “Mallee” Johnson90 games25 goals1905-1909
Wayne Johnston209 games283 goals1979-90
Peter Jones249 games284 goals1966-79
Chris Judd125 games79 goals2008-
Joe Kelly137 games15 goals1926-34
Edwin “Ted” Kennedy106 games13 goals1904-09
Trevor Keogh208 games191 goals1970-81
Stephen Kernahan251 games738 goals1986-97
Laurie Kerr149 games48 goals1950-59
Anthony Koutoufides278 games226 goals1992-07
Matthew Kreuzer105 games56 goals2008-
Alex “Bongo” Lang105 games82 goals1906-10, 1916-17
Matthew Lappin196 games221 goals1999-07
Wes Lofts167 games65 goals1960-70
Mark Maclure243 games327 goals1974-86
Justin Madden287 games170 goals1983-96
Glenn Manton157 games30 goals1995-03
Alex Marcou134 games148 goals1979-86
Peter McConville140 games157 goals1978-85
Andy McDonald146 games34 goals1910-19
Rod McGregor236 games26 goals1905-12, 1914-20
Charlie McInnes118 games92 goals1938-46
Don McIntyre100 games2 goals1935-42
Andrew McKay244 games28 goals1993-03
David McKay263 games277 goals1969-81
Rod McLean128 games33 goals1935-42, 1944-46
Paul Meldrum158 games140 goals1982-92
Jim Mooring126 games161 goals1940-49
Marc Murphy165 games133 goals2006-
John Nicholls328 games307 goals1957-74
Paddy O’Brien167 games7 goals1913-25
John O’Connell111 games0 goals1970-76
Jim Park128 games5 goals1932-40
Billy Payne127 games0 goals1904-12
Val Perovic97 games1 goal1980-85
Phillip Pinnell173 games5 goals1969-79
Albert “Mick” Price102 games163 goals1936-46
Bryan Quirk167 games113 goals1965-75
Brett Ratten255 games117 goals1990-03
David Rhys-Jones106 games73 goals1985-92
Dean Rice118 games42 goals1994-01
Ian Robertson125 games86 goals1966-74
Ron Savage111 games95 goals1938-45
Heath Scotland211 games67 goals2004-
Michael Sexton200 games23 goals1990-2000
Ken Sheldon132 games170 goals1977-86
Sergio Silvagni227 games136 goals1959-71
Stephen Silvagni312 games202 goals1985-01
Kade Simpson200 games117 goals2003-
Geoff Southby268 games31 goals1971-84
Earl Spalding102 games106 goals1992-97
Fred Stafford102 games68 goals1947-52
Bret Thornton188 games30 goals2002-12
George Topping125 games53 goals1902-10, 12, 14, 16
Harry “Soapy” Vallence204 games722 goals1926-38
Jarrad Waite168 games223 goals2003-
Vin Waite153 games33 goals1966-75
Andrew Walker165 games116 goals2004-
Robert Walls218 games367 goals1967-78
Lance Whitnall216 games348 goals1997-07
Doug Williams120 games7 goals1944-51
Greg Williams109 games89 goals1992-97
Jack Wrout130 games267 goals1936-44
Denis Zeunert110 games11 goals1954-60

*stats correct as at January 1, 2014