“I’M READY to come in and make an impact. I’ve committed for five years and I’m going to give everything to the Carlton Football Club.”

Jack Martin is confident that he will realise his true potential in Navy Blue. 

After weeks of waiting, Martin officially became arrived at Ikon Park after Carlton selected him with the first pick in the pre-season draft. 

It marked the end of a stressful chapter for Martin, who was intent on arriving at the Blues after signalling his intentions prior to trade period in October. 

Speaking from his new home on Friday, it was an understatement when Martin said it felt like “a long time coming”.

“I think I’m ready. I want to come to Melbourne and I want to prove myself,” Martin told media. 

“I’m ready for the challenges ahead.

“The last couple of weeks have been stressful. Today was the day and now I’m a Carlton Football Club player.”

Originally from Broome, Martin arrives at Ikon Park and joins an ever-exciting West Australian contingent including Patrick Cripps, Zac Fisher, Mitch McGovern and Sam Petrevski-Seton. 

Conceding that knowing his new teammates “makes the transition easier”, there’s one in particular he can’t wait to get stuck in with. 

Martin - who believes he’ll spend his time up forward - is intent on running out alongside Eddie Betts.

“The Eddie factor was pretty massive: I’m that excited,” he said.

“To play with an Indigenous great… he’s back at Carlton and we’ve been in contact the past couple of weeks. I can’t wait to run out next to him.

“Everyone loves watching Eddie.”

Out with Carlton teammates on Lygon Street for breakfast on Friday, the nerves got the better of the new Blue, who could only bring himself to one piece of toast. 

However, now that he’s calling Ikon Park home, he has set his sights on making an impact in Navy Blue.

“Getting to Melbourne and playing for a big club, I want the challenge. I want to challenge myself,” he said.

“The time is right now.

“When I got the phone call this morning, I was excited and happy. Emotional, yep.”