AFTER 14 competitive games, Carlton’s VFLW season has come to an end.

The Blues secured three wins in their second VFLW campaign, finishing 12th on the ladder.  

With the help of VFLW coach Shannon McFerran and assistants Kerry Saunders, Emma Kerry and Brooke Surgeon, Carlton Media has produced a three-part season review series.

This article focuses on the VFLW forwards, who were coached by Surgeon.

Surgeon provided the following words on Carlton’s goalkickers.  

Courteney Bromage

Games: 14 | Goals: 2

Courteney was an absolute bull this season. She was ferocious at the ball and the contest, and always gave 100 per cent effort. Courteney has brought great forward-line pressure and has improved her craft both inside 50 and in the back line throughout the season.

Jorja Borg

Games: 5 | Goals: 0

Jorja has great athleticism and was a solid defender throughout the first half of the season. She provided us with a good marking target and created some good contests in the forward line.

Sarah Wright

Games: 13 | Goals: 3

Sarah has continued to improve and develop her football during the season. She was a strong marking target in the forward line and then later developed further as a very talented player on the wing that stops opposition and creates scoring opportunities. She is great contested mark and loves winning the contested footy.

Bry Gurr

Games: 14 | Goals: 7

Bry has been a surprise package for us this season. Her confidence has grown dramatically and she has brought a real flare to our team. She is extremely skilful, agile and provided a lot of run and carry as well as some sneaky goals.

Simone Craige

Games: 8 | Goals: 2

Simone was a real competitor and played with a lot of physicality. You know she will always protect her teammates, run and create space to snag a goal.

Taylah Manson

Games: 2 | Goals: 0

Taylah has a lot of potential to be an instrumental player in the future. She displayed some really good skills and has been working on her game craft throughout the season.

Chloe Leighton

Games: 7 | Goals: 2

Chloe is a young player who has great skills and has some real footy smarts. She knew how to knuckle down on a task and was a great teammate throughout the season.

Sidney Cubasch

Games: 12 | Goals: 3

Sidney is a well-rounded athlete. She consistently provided an option for us up forward and fiercely competed around the ground as our ruck.

Georgia Gee

Games: 3 | Goals: 0

Georgia was an absolute speed demon this season. She is certainly someone very special to watch when she runs and carries the footy. Her skill efficiency and work rate is very impressive.

Nicola Stevens

Games: 7 | Goals: 5

Nicola is such a reliable player. She consistently performed each week and can play any position on the ground at an elite level. She was a strong marking target and efficient goalkicker in the forward line. 

Darcy Vescio

Games: 2 | Goals: 1

Darcy’s contested marking was incredible in the games she played and she used her body so well to compete. She’s very dynamic and is exciting to watch anywhere that she plays on the ground.

Cleo Faulks

Games: 3 | Goals: 0

Cleo is a young and talented athlete who showed a lot of promise up forward. She has been working on her football craft throughout the year.