The Carlton Football Club can confirm that Stephen Silvagni has departed from his role as General Manager of List Management and Strategy. 

With his contract expiring at the end of 2019, Silvagni had been in constant and open dialogue with the Club throughout the season.  Silvagni requested the Club delay any commentary surrounding his position until after the draft, a request that the Club fully respected. 

The difficult decision to not enter into a new contract with Silvagni as GM List Management and Strategy centred around the increasing complexity of having two sons on the playing list.  The situation is not only a conflict for the Club’s GM List Management and Strategy, but equally for those who work in and around him in the football department.

Having the most senior list management staff member unable to participate in an increasing number of discussions and decisions relating to both list management and match committee is a situation that is not in the best interests of the Carlton Football Club.

While the decision to not renew his contract was an extremely difficult one to make, ultimately tough decisions need to be made that are in the best interests of the entire football club.

Although Silvagni departs the Club in an official capacity, he does so having helped to put together the backbone of a playing list that is now well placed to earn success moving forward.

On behalf of everyone at Carlton, CEO Cain Liddle expressed a sincere thanks to Silvagni for the stellar work he had done as part of the Club’s list management over an extended period of time.

“Stephen has left no stone unturned in striving to help bring this football club back to where we need to be and that is something every Carlton person is grateful for,” Liddle said.

Carlton President Mark LoGiudice said, “Over the last five years Stephen has been at the forefront of what has been the first, complete, on-field rebuild in the Club’s 155-year history. The work he has done has been outstanding and has contributed to helping the Carlton Football Club  be in a position of strength where we can pursue on field success.

“While he may no longer hold an administrative role at the Club, given Stephen’s legacy as both a player and an administrator, we look forward to seeing him remain involved with the Club as a father and a passionate Carlton person,” LoGiudice said.