SARAH Hosking is back behind the microphone, hosting the final episode of the Behind the Game Changers podcast from her home 'studio'. 

She's also saved the best guest until last, joined by twin sister Jess for a hilarious and revealing episode of the show. 

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BTGC | Jess Hosking

Sarah Hosking returns for the final episode of the Behind the Game Changers podcast with a special interview with twin sister Jess.

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Episode guide: 

01:00: Jess shares her thoughts on the conclusion of the 2020 AFLW season

03:30: A brief snapshot of Jess' life away from footy 

07:30: How the Hoskings started playing footy and made the transition from Netball to AFLW.

09:00: A look inside Jess' amazing charity work including her involvement with Interplast, CleftPals and Red Dust. 

13:00: Truly outstanding. Jess talks about her life-changing trip to Samoa. 

16:00: Onto the Twin Telepathy stories and gee are there some good ones. 

25:00: Making a massive impact on others. That's what it means to be a Game Changer for Jess. 

28:00: A 'rapid-fire' with a twist. How well does Jess know Sarah? (includes a must-hear revelation about Sarah's love for Bieber). 

33:00: If there's anything to be learned from this, it's DO NOT mess with Jess' cordial.