SAM Docherty is used to being resilient and adapting to change. 

What the industry looks like upon its resumption is largely unknown once the COVID-19 situation ceases and allows the world to return back to normality.

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Docherty's life after footy

Listen to co-captain Sam Docherty's full interview with RSN.

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This has given the Blues co-captain something to ponder in isolation. 

While retirement is many years down the track for the 26 year old, the current situation and potential effect that reduced football department spending will have on future coaching opportunities has had Docherty thinking. 

“It has probably been the first time for a number of years where I have started to second guess whether footy is some sole future after I finish playing,” Docherty said.

“I always thought I would go into coaching, an assistant coaching role, but this is probably the first time in a long time I’ve reassessed whether that is going to be the actual path and whether it is going to be a viable plan."

Docherty used his time wisely on the sidelines while recovering from injury.

As an extra member of Carlton's coaching staff, the talented defender was able to expand his on-field football smarts and add a different perspective learning what it requires to analyse the game from the coaches' perspective. 

Despite his doubts, Docherty knows that this period of uncertainty must be viewed with some perspective and he will continue to keep an open mind when it comes to a potential life after football. 

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Docherty on coaching role

Sam Docherty spoke on the RSN Breakfast Club podcast Inner Sanctum on his coaching role in 2019.

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“I think at the moment I can’t make too many decisions, given we don’t know what the footy landscape is going to look like, how we are going to return, how the whole league is going to return, whether there are going to be as many coaches or less," Docherty said

“I think anybody who was viewing football as a future, would have to have a long think and think about some other alternatives if that is not going to be the path you can go down.”