WE'RE back for week three and there are some high-stakes this week. 

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In the game | Walshy's overzealous celebration

Will Setterfield shares a story from when housemate Sam Walsh may have gone too early on a celebration.

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Settle in this Sunday from 5pm for our first 2v2 as current roommates Will Setterfield and Sam Walsh combine to take on former housemate Darcy Lang and professional streamer Cripsy in a game of FIFA. 

This one is bound to get personal as the three share stories, jump into some more overzealous celebrations and battle it out for ultimate bragging rights. 

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In the game | The other side of Frenkie de Jong

Will Setterfield shares his side of the near encounter with famous soccer player Frenkie de Jong.

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Fans will be able to tune in for the game from 5:00pm by clicking here, and will be given the opportunity to have some of their questions answered by the boys. 

Make sure you clear some time in your calendar and pop in to enjoy some great banter and competition this Sunday.