A NUMBER of Blues put their hands up for senior selection during Saturday’s practice match against Geelong.

Commencing at 3pm, the scratch match was played in similar circumstances to last week’s contest with Melbourne.

Taking place over four 20-minute time periods, this week’s game was played with 16 on the ground for the majority: Geelong utilised three on the interchange, while all Carlton’s available players spent the entirety of the game on the ground.

In a game where Tom De Koning emerged unscathed in his return from injury, Matthew Kennedy was one who performed strongly for the Blues.

Spending the majority of his time in midfield, Kennedy hit the scoreboard and used his physicality to his advantage in his first game of football since the Marsh Community Series opener against Fremantle.

He was well-supported by all three of his named emergencies, with first-years Sam Philp and Josh Honey continuing their promising early form, while Darcy Lang kicked three goals.

Philp used his burst to full effect for his two majors from the middle, while Honey’s power was again on display in a midfield-forward role.

Lochie O’Brien brought his run and carry to the table and hit the scoreboard with two goals, while Liam Stocker and Matthew Owies built into the game.

After rotating between positions last week, Finbar O’Dwyer and Ben Silvagni both played exclusively down back.

Highlights and a player-by-player review will be available in the coming days.

GOALS: Lang 3, Owies 3, O’Brien 2, Philp 2, Kennedy, O’Dwyer, Stocker

Josh Honey. (Photo: Carlton Media)
Matthew Cottrell. (Photo: Carlton Media)
Sam Ramsay. (Photo: Carlton Media)
Darcy Lang. (Photo: Carlton Media)
Sam Philp gives chase. (Photo: Carlton Media)
Matthew Owies. (Photo: Carlton Media)
Lochie O'Brien. (Photo: Carlton Media)
Hugh Goddard. (Photo: Carlton Media)
Cameron Polson. (Photo: Carlton Media)
Finbar O'Dwyer. (Photo: Carlton Media)
Liam Stocker. (Photo: Carlton Media)
Matthew Kennedy. (Photo: Carlton Media)