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Kemp on rehab and runner role

Brodie Kemp spoke to Carlton Media about what he's been up to with the reserves.

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RUNNING full speed ahead, new Blue Brodie Kemp is taking strides in both his recovery and development.

Carlton’s No.17 in the 2019 NAB AFL Draft, Kemp arrived at Ikon Park midway through his recovery from a knee injury.

Now almost twelve months into his rehabilitation, the young prospect has taken on a new role as runner during the Blues’ 2020 hub stint.

“I’ve been allocated the runner for the reserves matches that started at the start of the whole weird season,” Kemp said.

“It’s been really good and nice to stay involved and work on things that you learn off the field and try to use them on the field to try and help the boys.

“It’s been really great for my development because I can apply the tactics we learn off the field and try to see the game and then go out there and give the messages to the other players.”

Working closely with closely with Development Coach Daniel O’Keefe as a runner has proved a beneficial relationship for the young Blues’ game sense.

However, come game day, Kemp is still working on his approach to getting messages to his teammates on field.

“He hasn’t given me a spray, but sometimes I get a bit eager to get out there and get the message away,” he said.

“Sometimes I run off when he hasn’t finished the message, so he let me know about that a couple of times but that’s about it.”

Continuing his off-field development as his rehabilitation approaches completion, Kemp has found a mentor in injured defender Nic Newman.

“I was lucky enough to live with him for a short period of time when I first came into the Club and so I knew he was really good value,” he said.

“Then to see him going down with a big injury, it takes a big character to want to help straight afterwards.

“He’s been doing a lot of work with the backs at the moment with the reserves and he’s been really good, I think all the boys really appreciate the work he’s done.”