The Carlton Football Club accepts the sanction it has received in relation to a breach of the COVID-19 AFL protocols.

A member of the Club’s traveling group within the High-Performance Centre inadvertently breached AFL protocols last week, after seeking assistance with childcare duties.

CEO Cain Liddle said the Club took full responsibility for the incident.

“We fully understand the seriousness of this breach and acknowledge that an opportunity to seek clarification of these rules was missed, which has resulted in this breach.

“For context purposes, the period in which this breach occurred was after the quarantine timeframe had concluded. This individual had sought support with childcare, which is approved within the AFL protocols. However, the activity undertaken by those caring for children is where we have let ourselves down, given this is where the opportunity to seek clarity should have been taken.”

“In saying that, we acknowledge our role in ensuring all parties are fully compliant and aware of the measures that are in place.

“As a club, we will continue to educate all players and staff on the seriousness of these protocols going forward.”