CARLTON superstar Maddy Prespakis is gearing up for another big AFLW season in 2021.

With the 2020 season cut short due to COVID, Prespakis has her eyes set on the premiership prize in the near future.

While initially disappointed with the decision to cut the 2020 season short, Prespakis acknowledges that the playing group has accepted and moved on.

“I think our initial thought was that we were very shattered, but as a group we’ve sort of just picked ourselves straight up,” Prespakis said.

“At the end of the day, we know we can get there and we're a very driven group and we want [the premiership] to be ours for sure.”

In terms of development at the Club, Prespakis noted that it was more valuable learning from everyone rather than having the one mentor to look up to.

“There’s so many people I can learn little things from, whether it’s my kicking or my hands or my contest marking, contest ground balls, I think that’s why I’ve been pretty fortunate to take a piece of someone's book over the last two or three years,” she said.

“ I think that’s what has helped the most is that I’m not just listening to one voice all the time, i”m able to take a little bit from someone else.”

When asked about her AFLW Best and Fairest honour, Prespakis remained ever humble and noted that she couldn’t have achieved any of her awards without her teammates by her side.

“The Club that I’m apart of and the success that we’ve had as a team just shows the growth that we have coming through the ranks,” she said.

“I think I’m just lucky enough that I’ve been able to get on the end of a fair few things and that just doesn’t take away the girls that I have around me.