7. Matthew Kennedy

Stats: 30 disposals, seven clearances, five tackles, one goal
From the coach:
We were really happy with how he played: he spent most of his time in the middle and he played to his strengths. I thought his ability to get to loose balls and hunt the ball at ground level was a strong point, as was his ability overhead. He’ll get confidence from that, we’re really happy with the response.

12. Tom De Koning

Stats: 10 disposals, four marks
From the coach:
It was Tommy’s first game back: he was on limited minutes and played predominantly as a forward with small exposure as a ruck. His competitiveness was a feature, with a couple of strong marks and some good follow-up pressure at ground level. It was a good first step for him.

19. Angus Schumacher

Stats: 20 disposals, six marks, six rebound 50s
From the coach:
‘Schuey’ is starting to put together some consistent form at VFL level —his ability defensively in a one-on-one is as good as anyone. He’s making better decisions with the ball as well. His challenge just like any young player is his concentration over four quarters: we’re seeing some big growth in his game.

21. Jarrod Garlett

Stats: 18 disposals, nine handball receives, four inside 50s
From the coach:
I thought it was one of his better games for us: he had some strong defensive efforts. He also played with some speed and spark and really took the game on, which set us up a number of times for inside 50 entries. For the second week in a row, he’s been playing at the level and it was another step in the right direction.

26. Harrison Macreadie

Stats: Seven disposals, three rebound 50s
From the coach:
‘Creads’ didn’t have a massive impact but he defended pretty well for the most part. He couldn’t find enough of the ball to impact offensively which is something we’ll keep working on, but apart from one or two efforts he was pretty solid defensively.

27. Matthew Lobbe

Stats: 19 disposals, eight clearances, seven tackles, 27 hitouts
From the coach:
With ‘Flip’ and TDK he shared the ruck, where his presence around stoppages was very good. We want him to keep having impact around the ground and when he goes forward with his work in the air, but his ability to command the middle was really strong and what we expect from a player of his experience.

29. Cameron Polson

Stats: Seven disposals, one goal
From the coach:
‘Pols’ played forward and as an inside mid: he had some opportunities to impact while he had another a few moments where he was caught holding the ball. His pressure and work-rate is all there. We need to keep giving him exposure in middle and need him keep taking chances when they present: we keep seeing glimpses from him.

32. Alex Fasolo

Stats: 21 disposals, four inside 50s, three clearances
From the coach:
‘Fas’ was important for us - he played up forward, but also behind the ball when we were kicking into the wind as well as in the middle of the ground where he won some important clearances. He’s going to have games where he impacts more and more with his possession rate. We thought he showed maturity and leadership in difficult conditions.

34. Andrew Phillips

Stats: 10 disposals, 16 hitouts, three goals
From the coach:
His first half was okay but he took it apart in the second half, with some really strong marking and finishing with three goals. He had the presence we expect of someone with his experience and ability. When he performs as he did, what he does do is make everyone walk taller around him: it was a pleasing response.

36. Patrick Kerr

Stats: Eight disposals, three marks, one goal
From the coach:
Patty was probably a bit stiff up forward, with a number of talls down there competing for aerial balls and there were a few times we missed him presenting at the ball. He played a team role in the second half, going behind the footy when we needed him to which he did well. Scoreboard-wise he didn’t have the same impact, but in terms of playing his role it was what we were after.

37. Ben Silvagni

Stats: Eight disposals, three one-percenters
From the coach:
I thought Benny had some important and crucial efforts on the last line. He didn’t expect massively through possession, but his contest work was crucial and he used it pretty well. It’s what we expect from him as a first-year key defender, to defend hard and take his opportunities when they come.

38. Finbar O’Dwyer

Stats: Six disposals, four tackles
From the coach:
It was probably the most he has impacted: Finbar had some strong efforts over the ground ball and gave us an outlet kick when we needed him to. He’s looking more likely each week. He needs to be able to be consistent with his training: he’s coming at it from a long way back, but he’s taking small steps forward which is what we’re asking of him.

42. Kym Lebois

Stats: Nine disposals, five inside 50s
From the coach:
Lively and really creative in the front half by foot. He set up quite a few scoring opportunities, and despite fumbling a few balls we’d like him to take, he applied a heap of pressure in our front half to lock the ball in. I think his game is growing each week.

44. Matthew Owies

Stats: Eight disposals, six tackles, one goal
From the coach:
He didn’t have a great first half in that he didn’t impact the way he would’ve liked, but he responded after half time with a few strong marks overhead. Along with Kym, his pressure inside our forward 50 was important and was able to get on the scoresheet.

45. Hugh Goddard

Stats: 22 disposals, 12 marks, 12 intercept possessions, three rebound 50s
From the coach:
You can probably just read the last six or seven weeks worth of comments, to be honest. Hugh is super consistent and his ability to read the ball and intercept is as good as anyone in the competition. He’s playing to the level we expect from someone on the AFL list and he’s doing so with a strong leadership presence.

46. Matthew Cottrell

Stats: 18 disposals,  11 marks, six inside 50s, two goals
From the coach:
I really liked Matty’s game. He finished with two but more than that, he played the wing role really well. It was the most amount of possessions he’s had for us. He uses the ball well, he uses his legs and runs and carries when he’s got space while making good decisions. He’s making positive steps each week.