FROM taking out a Hosking to where to find a Bunnings snag: Lauren 'LJ' Morecroft tells all in this week's episode of Behind the Game Changers.

'LJ' joined Brooke Walker and Jess Hosking in the Carlton College of Sport studio as our first coach on the podcast, and she sure didn't disappoint. 

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BTGC Lauren Morecroft | Episode 8

Assistant Coach Lauren Morecroft joins Jess Hosking and Brooke Walker to discuss footy, Bunnings and a game of Would You Rather?

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Episode guide: 

0:30: Nicknames and twin grandmothers: It's a strong start for Lauren 'LJ' Morecroft.

1:30: A couple more grey hairs, but another 'Bagger win is in the bag. Our hosts chat through the round that was and LJ's first Carlton Respects game.

3:00: A frozen accreditation, a wasabi açai bowl and a purple-haired Hosking: Jess recaps what was one of the most intense prank wars to ever hit socials.

7:00: From the Bulldogs, via Essendon to North Melbourne and finally Ikon Park: LJ gives us a rundown of her football journey and how she ended up in Navy Blue.

11:00: No one was safe (not even the Hoskings) in LJ's Diamond Creek days.

13:30: 'No limits my boy, that's my message to you': It's all the feels in the studio as LJ talks all things mum life and setting an example for her son Jack. 

15:30: It's that time of the week again: Sneaky Simmo and a false start from Greg get the nods for the week's Hanger and Clanger.

17:00: Sausage sizzle? Timber? Gardening? There's not much LJ loves more than a trip to her local Bunnings.

20:21: Social question time! Hardest opposition to play on, biggest trouble-maker, funniest AFLW player.

20:30: Our hosts preview the week ahead and LJ gives the listeners her insight ahead of the clash with North Melbourne.