13. 1987 - Stephen Kernahan's goal after the siren, Round 22

If ever there was a captain’s goal – this was it. Stephen Kernahan’s set shot from the pocket, post-final siren, in the last home and away match of the season against North at VFL Park.

At the time, Carlton trailed the Kangaroos by just two points, when Kernahan, in his maiden season as skipper, somehow emerged with the footy having marked despite the best efforts of two desperate opponents.

Coolly slotting the goal from 20 metres out on a tight angle, Kernahan’s goal ensured that his team secured the top spot, the double chance, the week’s rest and the crucial edge on a 33-degree Grand Final day.

“I don't think anyone who hasn't played VFL football could understand the pressure on the young Carlton captain because a lot was riding on that kick,” commentator John ‘Sam’ Newman was drawn to say. “The general public may dismiss it as an easy shot for goal but l can tell you that was one of the most difficult goals I have ever seen.”

”Fred Stafford’s goal aside, “Sticks’” six-pointer against North probably rates as the most important kicked in Carlton history./