NINE AFL-listed players took part in the Carlton Reserves 69-point win over Brisbane on the weekend. 

See what Daniel O'Keefe had to say about their game in a convincing result for the Blues. 

2. Paddy Dow
Stats: 20 disposals, 10 clearances, six tackles

Paddy played the first three quarters, so to have 10 clearances at that time was exceptional. He stood out in that regard at stoppages, particularly centre bounces, where we had some ruck dominance with Alex Mirkov and Paddy certainly made the most of that. Once the ball hit the ground, his ability to react quicker than the other midfielders out there was super and he was dynamite moving the ball forward for us. He brought his tackle pressure as well and his ability to drive through congestion was fantastic. Because he gets himself in these positions quite often in contest, he’s very good generally at driving through the traffic, but we want to work on how he absorbs that pressure moving forward. 

4. Lochie O’Brien 
Stats: 20 disposals (17 kicks), 11 marks, four rebound 50s

Lochie O’Brien found plenty of the ball, particularly with his kicking and we like him having a high kick-to-handball ratio, which he did again on the weekend. His ability to make the right decisions and then execute is super. He probably let himself down a little bit with the last three kicks of the game where they just got cut off but we love the fact that he’s pulling the trigger, and when they come off, they often end up in scoring chains for us which is off the back of his kicking. His running patterns were aggressive and that certainly helped his game, particularly running towards our goal which is great for a winger because generally Lochie does get back and support our defence really well: to add that aggressive running patterns towards our goal was a really nice part of his game. 

29. Corey Durdin 
Stats: Eight disposals, four marks, one goal

He played forward for the majority of the game. We did throw him up into the centre bounces for a look as well just because he has clean hands and is super at ground level. We loved his manic pressure and his closing speed to be able to put the opposition under some duress when they were exiting the football and he hit some big, hard tackles which we love. He gets so low in his tackles and strikes them really well so we love that. His running patterns were a lot better, particularly going back towards our goal which is a harder one to defend. What we’re working on with him is that he’s so quick on ground level but if we can improve his reaction a little bit, we’d be able to get more separation on his opponent: we’re looking forward to seeing that quick growth that I’m sure he’ll bring. 

31. Tom Williamson 
Stats: 16 disposals, five tackles, four contested possessions

He played a really nice game down back. When he came and played reserves a few weeks ago, he was best on ground and showed great leadership and great character: after coming out of the seniors, he did that again on the weekend and to be able to do that was really pleasing. He probably didn’t get the ball and impact as much that way, but his impact with his voice and communication and setting up his fellow defenders behind the ball was exceptional. You could see him pointing and directing the whole game and his teammates really love playing with him out there so it was a nice game from Tom. 

33. Sam Ramsay
Stats: 15 disposals, seven contested possessions, six tackles, one goal

He played forward and mid as well, while also spending a bit of time on the wing: his ability to be versatile in the position he plays is quite valuable to our group and he generally knows the ins and outs of all those roles. His ability to break and make the ground really big was fantastic for us on the weekend: a lot of the time it meant that he didn’t end up with the ball in his hands, but what we did was set up some really good space for his teammates. His reaction off the back of stoppages was great and he’s quite often first to the next contest. How he can work off his opposition - in terms of how he balances up well and references his opponents at stoppages - is something that Sam can get a bit better at and will get him in the game more as well. Overall, he was a solid contributor on the day I guess without having the impact he’s had in previous weeks. 

34. Sam Philp 
Stats: Seven disposals, two contested possessions, one clearance

Philp came on at the start of the second quarter and played on the wing for the majority of the game, while also playing inside a bit and having some impact. He came in straight away and added defensive pressure with a nice press and forced the opposition to make a decision really quickly which turned over so it was a really great way to start. His ability and his nuance to get back and support the defensive group is something that he always brings and we love that about him. We reviewed with 'Philpy' how he can get on the end of them a bit more and challenge the opposition, a bit more like Lochie O’Brien. 

36. Josh Honey 
Stats: 16 disposals, three tackles, two goals

He was really good. He has started to put together some consistent output during a game which is lasting four quarters and that’s what he did on the weekend. He found a bit of the ball which is great, he’s growing in his running patterns which is really good to see and it’s getting him more involved in the game. When he gets space, his ability to rip back towards goal is so dangerous and he got on the end of a couple of nice goals. In saying that, he probably left a couple out there as well and generally they were the easier ones so it could’ve been a really nice game for Josh. It was a good game, but it could’ve been great if he finished it off in front of goal. 

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43. Will Setterfield 
Stats: 25 disposals, 10 tackles, six clearances

He's laid the second-most tackles of anyone in the VFL competition, which was a clear focus for him coming back and playing reserves: to bring his tackle pressure and his contested work inside and those numbers just suggest that straight away. He’s getting the job done inside and what we saw more of this week was his ability to spread from contest, so it was a great growth from the week before. Will can probably get in the game a little bit more: he’s getting his hands on the ball but making sure that he’s holding the ball in sometimes, which can be just as good as trying to dish one out. We're trying to find the balance with that. Overall, he was a really solid contributor for us through the midfield and certainly led the way in terms of setting up our players at stoppages, so he showed some great leadership in that aspect.

44. Matt Owies
Stats: 11 disposals, five tackles, two contested possessions

He does all the right things, so his running patterns and his reaction is really good. His pressure brought five tackles in the game and his forward craft is of note: he knows exactly how to set up his own opponent to maximise the most dangerous space on the lead and then takes that. He finished with four points so that was probably the polish that was needed to really round off a good game in comparison to last week when he nailed those goals in the first half. It was a game of ‘nearly’ with Matt Owies.