THE VFLW Blues suffered a tough loss on Saturday, conceding 10 goals to a relentless Bombers side. 

AFLW-listed Game Changers Grace Egan and Abbie McKay featured in the Coaches’ best, both players having excellent games in the midfield.  

Quarter-by-quarter breakdown:

Quarter 1:

The Blues hit the scoreboard with Serena Gibbs and Grace Egan combining to notch the first goal of the game. Carlton started strong, dominating possession for the first 10 minutes of the quarter. However, Essendon soon found its groove, booting back-to-back goals. The football was hotly contested early with strong bodywork seen across the field: this was evident when Teagan Brett absorbed a brutal bump, playing her first game in the Navy Blue.

Quarter 2:

Essendon continued its roll from late in the first quarter, piling on scores early in the second. Stephanie Lawrence put the Sherrin out into space for Courtney Jones to run onto, snapping the goal to keep Carlton with one finger on the pulse. The Blues continued to spoil and lock the ball in where they could, despite the Bombers coming hard at the ball.

Quarter 3:

Patient in defence, Paige Trudgeon performed an excellent smother from the mark to ruin the Bombers chances of another goal on that occasion. The Blues rushed the ball over the Bombers' goal line to register a behind. Charlotte Hammans soared to take an incredible grab in the Blues’ forward 50. However, her shot for goal didn’t make the required distance and was turned over. Carlton’s defensive efforts were able to keep Essendon scores to 0.2 for the term.

Quarter 4:

Awarded a free-kick directly in front, Lawrence slotted Carlton’s third major for the game. Yet, Essendon continued to convert goals finishing with 10.12 for the match.

Luke’s best on field:

“Hard to split, but we’ve gone with Abbie McKay,” O’Shannessy said.

“Her first game for us this season in the VFLW program and showed what she’s able to do at that next level.

“I didn’t see her go to ground a great deal, she was able to win the ball and break away from her opponents.” 

Match summary

Carlton        1.0    1.0    0.1    1.0(19)    
Essendon        2.4    4.5    0.2    4.1(72)    

Egan, Jones, Lawrence

McKay, Jones, Trudgeon, Hammans, Honybun, Egan