BACK-to-back 'Baggers: Carlton has defeated a heavily-favoured Geelong by eight points at IKON Park on Saturday afternoon. 

The VFLW Blues smothered a late surge from the Cats to keep themselves in the race for finals footy with two rounds to play. 

A second Northern Knights representative joined Maeve Chaplin in the Carlton ranks, with Tarrah Delgado making her debut for the side.

AFLW-listed Blues Natalie Plane, Paige Trudgeon, Lucy McEvoy and Daisy Walker starred for Carlton, finishing in the coaches' best afield. 

Quarter-by-quarter breakdown:

Quarter 1:

The Sherrin see-sawed between the arcs as both sides hunted for the first goal of the match. Natalie Plane and Courtney Jones both tried for the opener, only to miss to the side to record minor scores. With a few attempts of their own, Geelong finally broke through to take the first major of the game. In her long-awaited return from a calf injury, Akayla Peterson laid an excellent run-down tackle that had onlookers excited. 

Quarter 2:

Carlton got straight to business in the second term as Stephanie Lawrence snapped the Blues’ first to put the girls in front by the smallest of margins. Once play resumed following a short break to allow injured Cat Olivia Barber to be assisted from the ground, the ball was moved swiftly towards Carlton’s forward 50. Jones let rip a long way from home, the ball falling short in the goal square. Wasting no time, Eliza Wood swooped in to collect and kicked Carlton’s second. 

Quarter 3:

A second effort play from Lawrence was rewarded with a free-kick, however, the ball hit the ground early to dribble through for a behind. Winnie Laing executed the perfect spoil, but was tackled when trying to pick up the Sherrin. Despite Geelong holding the ball in its forward 50 for the majority of the quarter, Carlton maintained its defensive pressure to keep the Cats to one goal for the term.   

Quarter 4:

With just four points the difference at the last break, the Blues needed to hold their nerve to retain their lead. Lucy McEvoy scored a remarkable goal, breaking the tackle before kicking off a step. With the Cats scoring points to keep them in the match, the goal assist from Peterson to Jones put the final nail in the coffin, cementing a consecutive Carlton win.

Luke’s best on field:

“We gave best on today to Nat Plane,” O’Shannessy said.

“She's been midfield, inside-mid, the last few weeks but she popped out in the wing today and played a defensive winger role, at times playing as an extra defender late in the game.

“She’s huge on the leadership side of things and won some really big, contested moments.”

Match summary

Carlton        0.3    2.1    0.2    2.0(30)
Geelong        1.2    0.0    1.0    1.2(22)    

Lawrence, Wood, McEvoy, Jones

Plane, Trudgeon, Honybun, McEvoy, Walker, Borg