CARLTON will be exchanging a gift with Sydney ahead of the Marn Grook game on Sunday. 

Designed by Indigenous artist Simone Thomson, the shield honours both teams while also representing a connection to culture and to traditional clans. 

Below is her description of the shield that will be presented to the Swans: 

"The shield signifies the significance of Ceremony and the coming together of two Clans. Each Clan is represented by their totem animal or symbol which is marked at each end of the artefact. In the Aboriginal world we are guided by our totem and must protect it and be respectful. Clans would meet for Ceremony on sacred Bora Cirles; the larger of those areas were for women and the public to watch on whilst the smaller was for the men and Ceremony. This shield represents strength in connection to Culture and the importance of each Clan has in their role with Ceremony." 
-Designer Simone Thomson - Wurundjeri/ Yorta-Yorta 

Simone Thomson setting up a smoking ceremony at IKON Park.

Thomson will also design the gift to be exchanged with the West Coast Eagles in Round 12. 

You can follow Simone's art via her Instagram or by visiting her website