THE VFLW Blues have suffered a defeat by the Southern Saints on Sunday afternoon.

The defeat puts the Blues in 10th position, sitting on 22 points with just one round left in the home-and-away season.

Vice-captain Jen Lew was welcomed back into the side after missing several weeks with injury. Swinging up forward, Lew kicked two phenomenal goals including Carlton’s opening half.

AFLW-listed players Lucy McEvoy and Paige Trudgeon starred for the Blues in what was a physically tough game with a lot of feeling behind it.

Quarter-by-quarter breakdown:

Quarter 1:

Coming off a three-week break, the Blues started strong with an impressive opening clearance. However, the ball travelled back towards the opposition’s goals to deliver the Saints the first goal of the match. Carlton had plenty of early forward 50 stoppages, however struggled to get a look in at goal. Meanwhile, the Saints converted their second major. A Bry Gurr intercept mark out of the Blues' forward 50 set up Carlton’s first goal as she went wide to Amber Micallef. Micallef’s attempt at goal fell painstakingly short but was marked right on the goal line by Jen Lew for a sure kick.

Quarter 2:

A dominant quarter from the visitors saw the Saints create repeat forward 50 entries, winning the stat 9 to 2. Maeve Chaplin laid a bone-rattling last line of defence tackle. The Saints nailed a shot at goal after the siren to give them a 19-point lead heading into the main break. 

Quarter 3:

Teresa Zampaglione started what was an overriding quarter for Carlton on the scoreboard with a brilliant kick for goal, however it was declared touched for a minor score. Maddison Wilson was awarded a 50m penalty, sending her to the top of the goal square with a certain kick. Shortly after the ball was returned to the centre, a little scuffle broke out resulting in a similar advantage being given to Eliza Wood. This was followed by goals from Lew and Stephanie Lawrence to put Carlton in the lead by 6 points. Lawrence booted another major on the siren to set up a thrilling fourth quarter.

Quarter 4:

The Saints turned up the heat in the final term, stealing back the lead. The Blues were kept scoreless, as they struggled to kick and run into space. Carlton took a couple of marks bordering on their forward 50 but lacked the composure to go inside cleanly.

Luke’s best on field:

“Lucy McEvoy yet again,” O’Shannessy said.

“[Lucy] has picked up where she left off pre-lockdown.

“[She’s] a future leader no doubt with the way she handles herself and her composure, and her on-ground leadership is huge.”

Match summary

Carlton        1.0    0.2    5.3    0.0(41)
Southern Saints    2.0    2.3    0.0    3.2(47)

Lew 2, Lawrence 2, Wilson, Wood 

McEvoy, Trudgeon, Honybun, Klingbeil, Chaplin, Gurr