3. Marc Murphy 
Stats: 27 disposals, three tackles. 

It was a nice game from Murph in regards to the way he attacked the game from a mindset point of view, he was really clear with his directive and had clarity on a role and what we wanted to get out of it. He started the game really well, some nice inside 50 connection kicks to our forwards that set up scores but consistency with his field kicking is something that is generally positive but we’ll continue to work on with Murph. His positioning around stoppages got him into the contest really well and he won some really nice ground balls and laid some tackles in the contest, one percenters as well with a couple of big smothers where the boys rallied around him and supported his influence that way. Once he gets into the contest, just making sure that he keeps his margin, so not getting crunched too far against the ruck and that he’s got enough room to be able to win the ball that way and just keeping his feet in the contest is something he’ll continue to work on. 

4. Lochie O’Brien 
Stats: 16 disposals, three tackles. 

Weekly, we acknowledge his ability to get back and support our defence as a winger is really strong, and it allows our defence to be a bit more attacking. He turned the ball over for us a few times through the middle of the ground just by owning the dangerous space versus his opposition which was fantastic and he’s been working on his ground balls a lot which was evident on game day. Something that Lochie is generally good at is his reaction and how quickly he can move either way or transition versus his opponent and this was evident at times but he just needed to find a bit more consistency with that which could’ve got him in the game a lot more. A couple of decision making errors that he’s made with the ball in hand that generally would be a weapon for him. 

5. Sam Petrevski-Seton 
Stats: 25 disposals, eight tackles, five marks.

He’s building a really good foundation as an inside mid at the moment and he swapped as a forward with Murph throughout the day. His ability to manipulate space and manoeuvre himself around stoppages versus his direct opponent was really strong and it got him in the game a lot to have a game-high clearance rate of nine plus eight tackles and quite a few ground balls, so he won a lot of his ball as an inside mid and was super clean. Similar to Josh Honey, his ability to be consistent in taking out oppositions is going to be the biggest area of growth for Samo moving forward. 

16. Jack Carroll 
Stats: 26 disposals, seven marks, three tackles. 

It’s been really nice to see him progress in the last couple of weeks in scrimmages and in this game. He played predominantly as an on baller but rotated to half forward as well. He’s great at the contest when he’s up and going so his drive and his ability to absorb pressure was really strong. He made some good territory decisions so knowing when to kick the ball long under pressure or when to bring his teammates into the game via handballs as well. His ability to hunt post the stoppage is what stands out and is a strength of his. It’s probably a theme for our team on the day but his focus going forward is going to be his defensive transition mindset where as soon as the ball turns over, how we can shut down their outlets as soon as possible. 

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VFL R10 | Carroll's classy performance

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17. Brodie Kemp 
Stats: Nine disposals, three marks, two tackles. 

He had a decent day as a defender, so he's starting to build his game gradually off the back of not playing for a couple of years. He's starting to work really hard on his game away from training and game day, more just on his defensive craft and that's starting to come to fruition in games as well. He found himself playing on some bigger bodies and that's when he started to play some better footy. Some of his body positioning can be worked on but he also just competed really well, so when he found himself in a one-on-one situation, he rarely got beat, which is good to see. He'll keep working on that but also his kicking execution, we know he's a good kick, but he has to keep working on his execution, which isn't too far away. 

29. Corey Durdin 
Stats: Four disposals, four tackles. 

Durds continues to bring his manic pressure, his ability to take time and space away from the opposition is great. His patterns in terms of running the right lines towards goal when we’re working the ball back our way is really good. One thing we’re working on with Durds is having energy to be able to do that with speed, so his ability as a team collective to defend harder through the middle of the ground so we do have speed to be able to get back forward of the ball and get him in the contest, because that’s where he’s at his best. 

31. Tom Williamson 
Stats: 15 disposals, three marks, two tackles. 

He played on a significant player from Port Melbourne and although his opposition had five marks in the defensive part of the ground, where he got the ball was in a non-danger position. ‘Willo’s’ ability to push him into an area that’s not as damaging was really good and when ‘Willo’ was able to get himself into a ‘compete’ position, so a contest, he generally won those one-on-ones more often than not, which is what we expect from him. He used the ball really well and that’s something he’s been trying to pride himself on and work on week to week and I think he went at 100% kicking efficiency too which he was the only person on the day to do so, so that was a really nice progression to see. ‘Willo’ is continuing to work on how big a gap he can give, so how proactive he can be versus his opposition. Clearly when the ball gets closer, we want to close that gap so just finding the balance between what’s too far and what’s too close. 

36. Josh Honey 
Stats: 10 disposals, three goals, two tackles. 

It was really good to see, he played as a half forward but he went into a few centre bounces as well which is probably a newer role for Josh but he played it really well and gave us good cover when he was in there. His ability to rip really hard back with speed from the middle of the ground to our forward 50 is very hard to defend, he got a couple of really nice goals on the back of that, he kicked three for the day. His pressure continues to be evident on game day. Josh is just going to continue to work on his ability to locate an opposition player as soon as we turn the ball over, so his reaction to do so is going to be paramount. 

37. Jordan Boyd 
Stats: 16 disposals, five tackles, four marks. 

He played his first game for us which was wonderful and it was really good to see us get a win. He played the first half at half back and we put him there because we absolutely love his ball use. He will continue to impress us with his ball use for sure but it probably wasn't his best day for that and he is probably just getting used to our defensive system too. There's no doubt from a defensive point of view that he will come on in leaps and bounds from the hit out. In the second half, he went to play as a half forward and he got really involved in the game then, so his positioning when he got forward of the ball was super, which also got him a shot on goal as well but also just his pressure as well, he tackles really hard, he had five tackles for the day and put on some good pressure for us. 

41. Levi Casboult 
Stats: 22 disposals, 13 marks, one goal. 

He was super on the weekend. We had Alex Mirkov go down in the first ten minutes so Levi became our primary ruck pretty quickly in the game. His ability to take contested marks and own and dominate the air was outstanding, the best I’ve seen all season. He had seven contested marks, I think he had 13 for the game at all ends of the ground, in our goal square but also in the opposition goal square saving goals as well. His ruck craft was really good too, so he brought his midfielders into the game and his positioning behind the ball helped influence him to run and jump at the ball in aerial contests. He also kicked a nice crucial goal towards the end of the game. A couple of things, he gave away quite a few free kicks and that was more off the back of being too strong for his opposition but we just have to find a way to adjust to that trend in the game and be a bit more disciplined that way and just sticking a couple of tackles once the ball hits the ground as well. 

46. Matt Cottrell 
Stats: 15 disposals, four tackles, two goals.

His reaction was really good, he got the jump on his opponent both going towards our goal and the opposition goal. He did help us with his defensive organisation as well and tried to support his teammates by putting them in a better position to defend. One thing he’s been working on at training is actually getting forward a bit more because he’s so biased in helping out defence, which we love, but how can he be a bit more aggressive with his forward run patterns? He did that on a couple of occasions really well, where he got on the end of two really nice goals, one in the first quarter and one in the last quarter when we really needed it. 

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