We asked and you answered.

Matt Owies answers the fan questions submitted by Bluebaggers on social media.

Here are some of the best, with more featured in the video below. 

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Owies answers fans' questions

Small forward Matthew Owies answers your questions in this edition of People's Presser.

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Stephen Johnathon
I love your pressure, intensity and effort. Which players have you modelled your game on or do you draw inspiration from?

"I remember when I first got to the Club I got told to watch Paul Puopolo so I watched him quite a bit and then took bits and pieces from other players like Eddie, Luke Breust and Puopolo and then added in my own type of play."

Who do you think will be our next VFL player to cement their spot in our best 22?

"That’s a tough question. There are a lot of boys developing there and I really enjoyed my time there. Josh Honey has got a good shot at it."

Helena Petrou
What’s been your favourite moment from the season so far?

"Probably the win against Essendon was pretty awesome, so that was my first game [for the season] and there was a massive crowd there so that was probably the best moment so far."

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AFL R7 | Owies' trifecta

Matthew Owies brought a spark to the MCG as he kicked three goals, including his first in the AFL.

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Livy Mulder
What ultimately made you choose footy over basketball?

"I think I realised I was under six feet and the door was shutting a bit to where I thought I could get to. I always loved footy so that's a big reason why I came back."

Who’s the gutsiest bloke you play with?

"On the weekend, guys like Jacob Weitering and Jones and Stocker stood out, being gutsy."

Garth McLaughlin
Which four others from the Club join you in Carlton’s starting five on the basketball court?

"Pitto at the five, I’ll take Fisher at a point or two with me, I’d take Jacob Weitering at the four and I’d put Mitch McGovern at the three for a little bit of bounce."

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Talking Gibber-Fish | Basketball draft

Co-host Zac Fisher, along side fill-in co-host Jack Silvagni and guest Eddie Betts draft their basketball teams from current and former teammates.

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You’ve been taken to court and you have the choice of Zac Fisher or Michael Gibbons to represent you. Who do you choose?

"Both of them can talk so I’d be happy with either but I think Gibbo is a bit more firm and can argue through some difficult questions."

Luke Holt
How did you develop your set shot routine to make it so effective?

"I actually put a lot of time into it. I think I just kept it simple, I take four steps with my right and sort of waltz into it with a little bit of an arc. It took a little bit this past off season in particular to get it down pat."

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Owies' surreal journey so far

Matthew Owies talks about his journey so far from basketball in the US to the Carlton Football Club.

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