CARLTON Reserves coach Daniel O'Keefe analyses the performance of our AFL-listed players who took on the Coburg Lions over the weekend. 

4. Lochie O'Brien 
Stats: 11 disposals, eight contested possessions, five tackles.

Lochie played wing for majority of the day. It was a really hard day for wingers, as we struggled to move the ball with any consistency. It was one of Lochie's better days in terms of his ground balls but he didn't get to as many contests as we would've liked. He will continue to work hard on the balance of his inside and outside game in the wing position. 

16. Jack Carroll
Stats: 24 disposals, eight tackles, seven clearances. 

It was one of Jack’s better games. He’s still got improvement to come but it was good to see him bounce back from last week’s game. He spread from the contest quite well and he had a game-high eight tackles and seven ground balls so that combination was great. We’re working with Jack on his ability to know when to go from a stoppage but also when to hang around and support the contest before we win it: he gets a little bit disconnected off the back of that if he goes too early.

He’s working on his defensive awareness as well, making sure he hangs around and numbers off defensively which actually gets him in the contest so he can play to his strengths. Being more consistent with that will help his overall game. 

17. Brodie Kemp
Stats: 22 disposals, 10 contested possessions, four tackles, four rebound 50s. 

Kemp played half back and he played on a couple of different opponents: he played on some bigs and on their best small forward at times. When he got into a one-on-one contest, his body positioning and body work that he’s been working on a lot on training really came into fruition on game day, which is great: that’s been a big improvement from him. His kicks to advantage will need to grow more and his ability to finish off the job when he’s in a good position, in terms of defending the lead-up target once he has his position. 

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26. Luke Parks 
Stats: 12 disposals, nine one percenters, seven contested possessions, six tackles. 

Parks was one of our better AFL-listed players on the weekend. His understanding of our defensive system is certainly increasing, knowing when to go and support as the third man over the top and knowing when to hold back has been one of the highlights of his growth. He can still continue to work on that, because he’s going to be in those situations a lot because of how he plays the game.

The fact that he had six tackles for a third tall defender was really promising from a competitive point of view. He's starting to understand the system better for himself, but what I’d love to see a bit more from him is supporting the others around him. At times, we became lost as a defensive unit and if Luke is there, he can really help and be the eyes for his teammates around him, which ultimately helps the team but it also helps him as an individual. 

29. Corey Durdin 
Stats: Eight disposals, five tackles, three clearances, one goal.

He started every quarter in the centre bounces, which was great to show his versatility as a mid-forward: he generally playedd forward for the majority of the game. He had a really good mindset to be able to number off, which actually got him in the contest and supported his five tackles as well. At stoppages, we’re working on setups so he can get more involved in the game and provide his pressure and help us attack the goals from his positioning. He kicked a nice goal which was really good to see. 

33. Sam Ramsay
Stats: 24 disposals, seven rebound 50s, three tackles. 

He used the ball pretty well: I think he had it 23 times and was somewhat efficient. His ability to burst into space was really good as well as finding gaps in our field position. We want him using the ball by foot because he’s one of our better kicks but we want to make sure we’re getting as much bang for buck from his kicking. That means we ensure that he can see space and will move the ball across different areas of the ground and split their defence: he can certainly help us with that, but it's something he needs to work on from the weekend. 

36. Josh Honey 
Stats: Eight disposals, four tackles, two goals. 

Josh also played in a few centre bounces and he actually played the sweep role really well. We sent him up to defend and attack moving forward. His running ability is sensational, but with that we have to make sure he can impact the game. We’ll work with him this week in regards to how he can use his strengths to impact the game more often, because we want him around the ball as much as we possibly can. 

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